I’ve been really sick for a few days for a long time. And I realise how important it is to listen to your body. To pay attention to its signs and needs. And also how grateful I am that it carries me every day and is there for me. Far too seldom do we consciously acknowledge our body and are aware of its needs. Often we feel rather separated from it and don’t really feel into it.

This is not only the case for us, but also for our animals. For a variety of reasons, they are not properly anchored in their body or,  for example, do not perceive their rear body properly. Sometimes they don’t even like to be touched because it is too much for them. Or pain has become a “normal state” for them or they have learned not to pay attention to pain anymore.

We usually observe our animals very closely and have a feeling whether they are in pain or not moving properly. Then consider whether you can support it with CBD oil, herbal pain relievers such as frankincense or something else. Or consult a vet and/or physiotherapist.

In addition, we can also help them to become more aware of their body. ūüėä
Two exercises you can do with your pet I have shared here on my blog before: What to do when your pet is overwhelmed. 

And another wonderful method is Tellington Touch. You may have heard of it before. The simplest is Noah’s March. You stroke your pet’s body with the flat of your hand very gently and without pressure, imagining how all its nerve cells light up and connect. You start at the head or neck, depending on what your animal is comfortable with, and stroke over the back to the tail. Then start again at the neck, stroke down the flank to the hip, down the leg to the hind paws. Stroke them all the way too. And then from the neck over the shoulders to the front paws.
You can also do the famous 1 ¬ľ circles, the TTouches. Either with the whole flat hand, with the fingers or only with the fingertips. There are many instructions on the internet, on YouTube or in books. The gentler the touch, the greater the effect. It is not a massage, but should help you to become fully aware of your body. That is why our intention and mindfulness is so important, so that it is pleasant for our beloved ones. You will feel when it becomes too much for your animal and you should stop. This kind of touch can be very intense for it, so you can only start with a little.

Give your animal’s body a little attention and enjoy this intensive exchange with each other. And of course, connect with your body, give it recognition and do something good for it too ūüėČ .

Love and Light for you and your animals