What my clients say

Eveline W., Germany
“Thank you very much, dear Tanja, for the valuable answers and suggestions I received on our topics. With your appreciative, empathetic and at the same time clear manner you helped us a lot to understand our dog better. Thank you also for the good tips. Our relationship with her has taken on a new quality that is a lot of fun. E.W.” (translated)

Eva R., Germany
“Dear Tanja, thank you very much again for this beautiful session, about the vet, old age, life and dying – my companion downstairs impressed me deeply with his wisdom. We/I have gained deepest inner peace with this session, which I can connect to again at any time. So wonderful…..” (translated)

Christiane K., Germany
“Tanja is an excellent, loving and very sensitive animal communicator. The course with her was so great I learned a lot about my animals and what animal communication actually means and I am very grateful to her for that. I would recommend Tanja to anyone who wants to learn animal communication. Personally, I am glad to be able to turn to her at any time. Simply a very special person. Thank you for being there. ❤️” (translated)

Laura M.M., USA
“One of our dearest friends recommended Tanja and I did not hesitate to reach out with many questions. She answered all of my questions about if there should be a wait time before trying to connect with my recently passed best friend, Ruby. We had the sweetest connection/conversation with Ruby today that brought tears to my eyes and but also made us laugh! It was incredible to “hear her” again and most importantly to me, hear her message that she was still with me since I have been struggling with her passing.

I cannot recommend Tanja and her incredible gift of communication enough! My heart needed to hear Ruby’s view on the world & how she left, that she enjoyed her life and her amazing accomplishments and that she knows all the love we will always have for her. ❤️Thank you, Tanja! This really helped the healing process.”

Carmen S., Germany
“I have now used the offer of animal communication for the first time. The physiotherapist of one of my dogs recommended Tanja to me. I was a bit sceptical at first and waited a few weeks. But when he told me about it again, I became very curious to hear what my two dogs had to say. I was quite nervous before the appointment. The atmosphere during the consultation was very relaxed and pleasant. I felt I was in good hands. I recognised my two dogs and my cat very well in her words. I was particularly moved by what my dog said. I am grateful to now know what I can do for her so that she feels better again mentally. I now know why she is behaving the way she does and can respond to it in a specific way. It was also interesting to see the relationship between my two dogs. I will definitely book another appointment. I can recommend animal communication with Tanja and am very grateful for this wonderful new experience of hearing my animals from their own perspective.” (translated)

Juergen A., Germany
“Hello everyone, we had the conversation today about Mia.
I would like to let you all know that it has brought us a lot. We were also skeptical at first, but were taught better. I can only recommend it to everyone, it makes things easier.
We would do it again without thinking twice. Just try it out, we were very grateful for it.” (translated)

Marcus D., Germany
“What a great meeting regarding our two dogs.
Tanja was able to tell me many new things about our dear ones and confirm many assumptions and also take away fears. Thank you very much for that, we will definitely meet again.” (translated)

Katrin R., Germany
“I had the first animal talk with Tanja Gauer.
She spoke with our deceased cat.
I was very nervous, Tanja has a calm way that does good. She recognized our tomcat very well and conveyed the messages in a mindful and sensitive way.
It is clear that Tanja is deeply connected and very knowledgeable.
I will book appointments with her again.” (translated)

Jacqueline J., Switzerland
“It was very nice that Tanja made contact with my dog Ural. Even though the reason was a sad one, I understand so much now. She is very empathetic and I can recommend her to everyone.” (translated)

Katja K, Germany
“Tanja works very empathetically and is totally responsive to the needs of both animal and owner. I also clearly recognized my animals in the conversations, because answers came that really only the animals could know. I can recommend her wholeheartedly, because even in difficult situations she helps competently, calmly and reliably.” (translated)

Lisa M., Germany
“We had our third session with Tanja today. We can’t put it into words how much has changed since the first session with Enjoy and Randje. Both were able to find themselves in a very short time thanks to our conversations. Bettina and I are sooo touched by how happy and self-confident both are now. Tanja is the best thing that could ever happen to our animals and to us” (translated)

Nita M., India
“We had yet another excellent session with Tanja for a dog with niggling issues, and through her clear insights, were much relieved. (We live in a remote area with limited vet facilities, but would definitely trust her communication above them!) She was also able to get a message from his mother-in-spirit, and throw light on an incident in our homestead. I have consulted with a number of communicators (including ones I’ve studied with) from US and India, but rarely found any with the commitment, understanding, compassion and generosity that Tanja exhibits….she goes beyond the call of duty in extending support and guidance even in practical terms. She is also the only one I found who offers a live zoom session, which makes it very interactive and easy to get immediate clarifications. Deepest gratitude and blessings Tanja.”

Katrin B., Germany
“I found Tanja through the recommendation of a friend. Today we had the conversation with our dog granny Elsa. I am totally amazed at how appropriate and understandable so many of the statements are and was able to get to know and understand Elsa much better. And the most important thing: make her life even better at one point or another in the future.
The recording of the conversation via zoom is perfect so that you can “listen” here again. I’m already looking forward to the next conversations with our other four-legged friends.
Thank you very much.” (translated)

Jeanette G., Germany
“Many thanks for the very informative and loving communication with Emmy and puppy Xavier. The first impression via the booking portal was already great. The recording of the communication sent afterwards also made a very professional impression, as did the communication itself. You feel very well taken care of with Tanja. I have learned a lot and can now bring the two dogs together at the beginning of June in a much more relaxed way. I can highly recommend Tanja. Many many thanks to you, dear Tanja, for this great session!” (translated)

Annette R., Germany
“Tanja has helped us a lot with the dying of our beloved Pablo. And also the “quirks” of our chaos male Kobe we can now better assess and look for new ways to help him and thus make living together easier.” (translated)

Susanne T., Germany
“I would highly recommend Tanja. She is really very emphatic and gives you clear and unambiguous messages and is very level-headed. I put myself under pressure as I was about to make the decision to take in a new dog. I was afraid of missing out on the “right” soul for me, or if one of my deceased dog souls wanted to come back to me, not recognising this. Tanja received such clear answers from my deceased dogs that I recognised them straight away, giving me more clarity.” (translated)

Nita M., India
“Tanja is not just a communicator (and healer) par excellence, but a wonderful, caring human being, with empathy and concern for the animal and pet parent alike. She has helped me at very critical times, and then did a zoom session with my special dog in spirit. Since she also provides the recording, one can revisit the conversation at any time. Tanja is very understanding and generous with her time and effort. It’s obvious that she treats her work as more than just a profession, with a genuine desire to help. I cannot recommend her enough and am grateful that I can turn to her again when needed. Thanks, blessings and all good wishes to Tanja.”

Bettina G., Germany
“Dear Tanja, thank you so much for your sensitive, helpful and loving communication with Enjoy! It was really touching how my strong giant opened up with you. You are a great enrichment for us and we are really very happy that you came into our lives!
We are already looking forward to many more “conversations” with our sweethearts. ” (translated)

Lisa M., Germany
“Dear Tanja, we are incredibly grateful for your extremely helpful, loving and profound communication with our Randje. You were able to help Randje to understand what happened in the past and now we can help her to build trust in us and to be happy.
We are looking forward to future conversations with our animals!
Greetings Bettina and Lisa” (translated)

Sabine G., Germany
“I can only warmly recommend Tanja. She made me and my dog feel very well taken care of. Tanja is very empathetic and has a broad knowledge beyond animal communicaiton. The contact via email is prompt and committed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Tanja, for what you do and are.” (translated)

Birgit B., Germany
Thank you for the great conversations with my animals. It helps so much to understand them better and “simplifies” the cooperation sooo much, also that you can simply ask how they are. Tanja is also so empathetic, even if you sometimes shed a tear because you are so moved or worried.
I can absolutely recommend this AC.
Thank you Tanja and see you again soon!” (translated)

Lil M. N., Denmark
“Thank you for a great connection! With difficult issues, sometimes you need another perspective to be able to resolve them effectively. Together we went into the difficult topic of trauma with my dog – very gently – very understandably. It was very important to me to work through the trauma in the dog’s sense. Now our connection is even stronger and we are working on coping strategies based on the dog’s suggestions…. Thank you, dear Tanja, for your tireless support”. (translated)

Sabine M., Germany
“Tanja helped me a lot with my youngster after the death of my old horse. I was fast and all and he couldn’t understand that the oldie isn’t there anymore.
It was a hard time, but with Tanja’s help we learned to trust each other again. She mediated and we learned to understand each other.
Today, 5 months later, my youngster and I are like friends and well on the way to a loving partnership between humans and animals. We listen to each other better and I will always ask Tanja to listen to my youngster to see if everything is still ok.
Thank you Tanya for everything. It’s great that you’re there.” (translated)

Ariane P., Greece
“Tanja Gauer is simply wonderful! Very empathetic, she helped me immensely and confirmed that my dog and I are on the right track. A huge relief! Thanks a million!” (translated)

Mina v. D., Germany
“We were very excited to see what the session would entail. It was very informative and fascinating what Tanja was able to tell us about our dog ladies. She really felt them and reflected them as we know them. We hope that we will be able to implement the tips and meet the needs of our girls even better now. It was a very intimate atmosphere during the session, we would recommend her anytime! And may come back to it again!
Thank you, Tanja!” (translated)

Sally N., UK
“I had a sincere and joyous communication from my dear dog through Tanja. It was just what I needed and so accurate for what had been troubling my mind recently which I hadn’t discussed with any person.
Thank you Tanja.”

Caroline R., UK
“Dear Tanja… a MAJOR heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your communication today with Roo.
You went straight to the heart of the issues between us and I immediately understood why I was guided to you the moment I came across you by ‘accident’; it was a purely intuitive  and instant decision and divinely guided, of course!
Your ability to read us both and fill in the gaps between us, as a result of facilitating our mutual conversation, was astoundingly comprehensive and wholistically insightful.  Everything resonated and I was able to see the part I was unconsciously playing in our challenges, as she perfectly mirrored my own imperfections.
Perfect too that what she has to teach me, is EXACTLY what I’m aspiring to learn, for my own soul’s evolution and my contribution to Humanity evolution at this pivotal time.
She clearly is the perfect guide and partner for my journey and I am SO grateful to you, Tanja, for opening up my inner and outer vision to appreciate the gift I have yet to unwrap… that will now be my focused priority: the careful and loving unveiling of a perceived ‘villain’, now revealed as my actual ‘heroine’ <laugh>
THANK YOU so much for your facilitation in this grand reveal for both our sakes.
With much love and gratitude to you… and from us both. Xxxx”

Fiona W., UK
“Tanja started sending healing and communicating with my beloved cat Molly about 6 months ago as her behaviour at the time was a little odd. She was sleeping next to my pillow constantly. Tanja told me she was protecting me from negative energies around me, especially whilst I was asleep. A few months later, Molly was not well and Tanja sent healing to her with miraculous results.
Molly was 20 years old and in March, I was having to plan to go away to clear my mother’s house and I couldn’t take her with me. Tanja communicated with her to explain why she couldn’t come which she understood. As the time approached for me to go away, her health declined dramatically and Tanja told me she now wanted help crossing over and so I called my vet who came to my home to help her. Tanja said we needed to connect at heart level and the day before she passed, she was a different cat – eating constantly and communicating with me all day, making me connect with her. It was amazing. The following day she was poorly again and I knew it was definitely her time. She crossed very quickly and peacefully in my arms. I miss her every day.
I am forever indebted to Tanja for all her help, the reassurance and loving comfort she gave me and continued to do afterwards. Thank you Tanja”

Lauren L. S., US
“** I LOVED the Soul Purpose Session ** I had with Tanja  for my Beloved Skippy (in Spirit) and myself. I felt that our ‘work’ together wasn’t done and wanted to know more.  Loved Tanja’s communication style and I left the session on Cloud 9, feeling the presence of Skippy, validating our time together on Earth and even our future together. Tanja’s caring and compassion comes thru strongly. I highly recommend Tanja and her animal communication services.”

Maria E. G., Spain
“Last Saturday evening I had an urgent  communication session with Tanja.My dog, who had not being feeling well since the previous Tuesday, had swollen something  which got stuck  in her intestines (She has already gone through  2 surgeries due  to having  ingested  things she shouldnt  have ) This time,a third surgery  was not an option. Desperate, I reached out for Tanja.I wanted to tell my girl  that if she could not  get rid of whatever  she had eaten this time,  in a natural way, we would  be forced  to take a difficult  decision.Tanja was so respectful  and compassionate all throughout  the communication; I felt  accompanied  by her every minute along the comversation. She even sent  healing to Donna,which did wonders to her.After the communication , I felt lightness  within me and peace,somehow my girl’s words  made me come to terms  with whatever the outcome could have been.Thank you for being there, for your tenderness  and your compassionate  heart, Tanja.”

Annette N., UK
“Tanja communicated with my cat who i never see drinking. She told me that my cat didn’t like her water dish and where it was situated. Tanja told me what kind of dish and what colour and where my cat wanted it to be placed. Since following my cats wishes she is now drinking more and i am not as worried about her. Thank you Tanja for an insightful communication”

Katrin M., Germany
“I contacted Tanja when my dog was very unwell and I was on my way to the vet in an emergency.
Although Tanja did not know me before, she immediately gave us her support and connected with my dog.
The communication helped us a lot in that situation.
Also in the further time Tanja accompanied my dog and me with her appreciative and loving communication.
When it came to the point that my faithful friend and companion was about to pass into the eternal hunting grounds, Tanja’s communication with him was worth its weight in gold.
Both for him, as he was able to let go in peace, and for me, who knew that he was okay with it and that we would remain connected in love.
I am infinitely grateful to Tanja for this.
Without her “interpreting” the last weeks together and the transition would certainly have been much more uncertain and difficult for us.” (translated)

Kione F., UK
“Tanja recently communicated with one of my horses. She was very insightful and handled a very difficult conversation in a compassionate way, ensuring that she understood exactly what the situation was so she could pass this on clearly to Milly and ask for her views.
It was lovely to see how Tanja connected – the look on her face as she was finding the right words to describe Milly’s character was exactly the same as I have seen countless times when people who know Milly talk about her; it was truly wonderful to see this as Tanja had only received the photo a short time prior to our video session. I would not hesitate to recommend Tanja for animal communication x”

Margaret S., UK
“Tanja had such a wonderful connection with my special boy and it really meant a lot to hear what his Souls Purpose is and how we are traveling the same path together. Thank you so much Tanja xx”

Inge D., Belgium
„Tanja connected to my two furkids and it was such a pleasant experience.
She taught me about their soul purpose with me here and gave me lots of useful information.
She is very caring and very clear with the information.
There is a lot of verification that she is indeed connected to your animal.
I can only recommend a session with her strongly. It is so worth it!”

Adel L., UK
“Thank you Tanja for helping my dogs and I to see things from our different perspectives so that we can better understand each other and live together in a more harmonious way. I know that our lives will be much happier and better for our family meeting with you. You brought warmth, humour, love, compassion, and light to my lovely little pack family. It’s wonderful to know that my dogs like that they have a chance to communicate their feelings about different things to me. It touches my heart so, to know how much all my dogs love me and love being with me. Many thanks for what you did for us. lots of love from Adel, Bob, Frankie, Tilly and Munchkin.“

Samantha, UK
“We had a reading for my two cats which was very helpful regarding medical issues. I took the cat to the vet and everything was confirmed that had been said in the reading. She also helped the two brothers resolve some longstanding issues from their past and let go of some difficult emotions. I would highly recommend her.”

Tracey D., UK
“Tanja and I had a live video call for a communication that she did for my dog Sandy. From the beginning Tanja made me feel comfortable and was very informative and explained how she did animal communication and how she received what she got. Tanja was spot on with what she relayed back to me what she got for my dog Sandy. At all times Tanja was considerate as to how I was receiving the information that she was giving me and asking if I was happy with what she was telling me and if I needed any further clarity on what she had said.  We talked about Sandys health and Tanja didn’t stop at just the communication when she came across an issue, she immediately offered help as in doing some energy work and acupuncture for my girl there and then and then went into detail explaining what she got and how Sandy would be helped by this and then offered to check in again with Sandy in a few days to see how she was doing. I found this very informative and helpful as I hadn’t heard that distance acupuncture could be done this way. Tanja is a very caring competent animal communicator and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her in the future.”

Claire B., UK
“Tanja has worked with a couple of our animals, my horse and my Fathers elderly dog.  I found her sessions to be honest and humble…full of compassion.  The focus was very much on the communication link between the animal and their human and giving them a communication link via Tanja.  I thought the video link method worked very well and Tanja was spot on, both times, with her feedback to me.  The sessions have helped me to increase my understanding of both animals and as such, adapt where needs be. Thank you very much for communicating with them, letting me know their messages and passing on mine to them.  I’m very grateful and I’m sure they are too.”

Heather L., UK
“Dear Tanja, I write to thank you for your communication with our two ram sheep, Bob and Dougie. As you discovered these two boys have been here just a few months and both had lifes elsewhere before. We have a number of rescue animals who live peaceable forever lives here, so it is really important they are settled and happy and that we know each other well. We had also recently Castrated the boys, so that competition was removed and they could then roam freely , without the worry of more sheep . Your communication showed so well that you had really got the essence and personality of these two fellas. I was comforted to know they were happy here, settled and understood our decision to alter them. It was also so lovely that Bob was so joyful to be staying. The communication felt free and natural with a gentle flow of information. I went and visited the boys after our session and they pottered over, I believe to say thank you.
You have a wonderful gift, thank you   Heather”

Piedad S., Spain
“I contacted Tanja when my cat got sick. She communicated with him, which helped to find the origin of his sickness. She did some distance healing and also prescribed some treatment in her capacity of certified Animal Health Practitioner. She treated my cat’s sickness at an emotional, energetic and physical level. Now, he’s perfectly fine and I know for sure that this is due to Tanja’s work. She also let me know what my cat’s soul’s purpose is, which was really touching. I have no doubt that I will contact her again if my animals need it.”

Stefanie Z., Germany
“A very nice conversation in a great atmosphere. With the videocall I found it very good, because you could see each other. Of course very emotional, but that was the whole point. Anyone can do it easily.
I understand Emma better now and I am more responsive to her. It has become very harmonious.
She no longer looks so sad.” (translated)

Anita S., Germany
“For me it was a very emotional experience that made me think a lot. Now I try to pay more attention to him and let him decide for himself even more.
In most cases my feelings were in line with his perceptions. I am very pleased that he was happy with his life. But I do not want to overwhelm him at this stage.
I think he is more relaxed and more confident. And he seems to like the food better.” (translated)