What my clients say

“Dear Tanja, I write to thank you for your communication with our two ram sheep, Bob and Dougie. As you discovered these two boys have been here just a few months and both had lifes elsewhere before. We have a number of rescue animals who live peaceable forever lives here, so it is really important they are settled and happy and that we know each other well. We had also recently Castrated the boys, so that competition was removed and they could then roam freely , without the worry of more sheep 😊. Your communication showed so well that you had really got the essence and personality of these two fellas. I was comforted to know they were happy here, settled and understood our decision to alter them. It was also so lovely that Bob was so joyful to be staying. The communication felt free and natural with a gentle flow of information. I went and visited the boys after our session and they pottered over, I believe to say thank you 🙏.
You have a wonderful gift, thank you 🙏  Heather ”
Heather Lake, UK

“Tanja has worked with a couple of our animals, my horse and my Fathers elderly dog.  I found her sessions to be honest and humble…full of compassion.  The focus was very much on the communication link between the animal and their human and giving them a communication link via Tanja.  I thought the video link method worked very well and Tanja was spot on, both times, with her feedback to me.  The sessions have helped me to increase my understanding of both animals and as such, adapt where needs be. Thank you very much for communicating with them, letting me know their messages and passing on mine to them.  I’m very grateful and I’m sure they are too.”
Claire Birks, UK

“I contacted Tanja when my cat got sick. She communicated with him, which helped to find the origin of his sickness. She did some distance healing and also prescribed some treatment in her capacity of certified Animal Health Practitioner. She treated my cat’s sickness at an emotional, energetic and physical level. Now, he’s perfectly fine and I know for sure that this is due to Tanja’s work. She also let me know what my cat’s soul’s purpose is, which was really touching. I have no doubt that I will contact her again if my animals need it.”
María de la Piedad Gracia Santolaria, Spain

“A very nice conversation in a great atmosphere. With the videocall I found it very good, because you could see each other. Of course very emotional, but that was the whole point. Anyone can do it easily.
I understand Emma better now and I am more responsive to her. It has become very harmonious.
She no longer looks so sad.”
Stefanie Zarbock, Germany

“For me it was a very emotional experience that made me think a lot. Now I try to pay more attention to him and let him decide for himself even more.
In most cases my feelings were in line with his perceptions. I am very pleased that he was happy with his life. But I do not want to overwhelm him at this stage.
I think he is more relaxed and more confident. And he seems to like the food better. 😊”
A.S., Germany