This is how we work together

You can choose an appointment in my calendar for a video call, where we talk together with your pet or with several of your pets. Your pet does not have to be present.
After you have booked the appointment with me, you send me a picture of your pet, its name, its age, how long it has lived with you and your questions or the topic you want to talk about.
I will contact your pet beforehand to introduce myself and establish a connection. Because just like us humans, animals do not necessarily want to have a profound conversation with a stranger. I will ask it to share some of its characteristics and preferences with me so that you can know that I am connected with it.
Afterwards you will receive a recording of our video conversation.

First communication (for 1 animal, each further plus € 10,00)

  • Up to 1 hour – € 80,00

Follow-Up Session (once I know your animal, also for 1 animal, each further plus € 5,00)

  • Up to 30 min. – € 45,00 (only for short enquiries about a previous session or preparations for holiday/veterinarian)
  • Up to 1 hour – € 75,00

If you want to book a session, you can do so here:
In the calendar you can look for an appointment that suits you, choose whether it is a first or follow-up communication and with how many pets I can speak. Then you can pay directly with Paypal or credit card and you will receive a receipt and a zoom link for your appointment by email. We then exchange information about the topic and your questions by email and you send me a photo of your pet.

Alternatively, you can also book an appointment with me by email. Payment is made in advance via PayPal or bank transfer.

Before booking, please read this carefully and state that you have read and understood the contents:

I communicate telepathically with your animal and receive the messages in form of knowing, images, words, physical sensations, feelings, etc. and therefore they are not factually or scientifically verified statements. Sometimes communication can reveal aspects not only of your animal but also of yourself and this should be seen in the overall context of communication.

I am passing on the communication with your pet to you with the pure intention of providing a deeper understanding of your pet’s needs or clarifying your questions with your pet. The animal’s answers may not be meant literally, so they need to be “translated” by you, as you know the context necessary for understanding. Sometimes the meaning of the message may even become clear some time later. I will always honour the animal by passing on everything it tells me. This is done in respect for all parties involved in the communication.

The communication will be treated as private and confidential between you and me, and it is up to you whether you wish to share the content received.

If, as a result of the communication, you feel that any changes are necessary for you and/or your pet, then the implementation of these changes is the result of your decision and not deemed to be as a recommendation or instruction from me. Furthermore, the communication can be emotional in nature, so I recommend that you seek appropriate support if you feel it is necessary.

My animal communications do not replace any veterinary consultations, nor do I diagnose conditions or diseases. I may work alongside professionals associated with the welfare of your animal, but only with your permission. If your animal has a health condition, you must seek the advice of a veterinarian in all cases. Any actions you choose to take as a result of my animal communication, must remain solely your responsibility, as the owner of your animal.

The energy methods and procedures I use are not scientifically proven and are not recognised by conventional medicine.