Understanding what your animal wants to tell you

I am happy that you have found your way here, because you want a better understanding and a joyful and closer relationship with your pet.

I am an animal intuitive, that means I am deeply connected with your animal and get the information, what is important for them, very clearly from the animal. I not only communicate telepathically but also capture their energy fields, their whole being and therefore I am able to really sense the cause of a problem from the animal’s point of view. I can objectively address the issues that arise by engaging the emotions of both parties and guiding you to find a solution from a higher perspective. I will help you understand each other’s perspective and therefore have a better understanding. This will open up new possibilities and it will bring you closer together and enhance your relationship.

As I have over 20 years of experience with energy work I am also able to find and release blockages from the past, ease emotions that lead to certain behaviours or feelings and also bring new energies and impulses into a situation. Additionally, I am a certified animal health practitioner, so the animal can also tap into this knowledge and I can guide you how to support his health.

I work with all animals that you share and have shared your life with. We will have a live video call, so that we can really have a conversation with each other. Because you are connected to your pet at the same time, we can dive much deeper into many situations, as your memories and emotions also bring additional clarity. And the animals often open up much more when you are present, and they can really communicate with you.

I do worldwide distance work as language does not matter for the animals when they intuitively submit their information.

The methods and procedures I use are not scientifically proven and are not recognised by conventional medicine.