Welcome to my website

I am happy that you have found your way here, because you want a better understanding and a happy and closer relationship with your pet.

I am an animal intuitive and I talk and listen to pets living and in spirit and their humans. Dogs are especially near my heart.

I love being the voice of the animal, so they can tell their human guardian how they are feeling and what they need. I want to let people see what wonderful sentient beings animals are and to help them being best friends and real companions.

I connect telepathically with the animal and receive information through claircognizance or knowingness, but also through emotional sensations and visual imageries that the animal wants to share with me. By perceiving the animal’s energy field I sense all his expressions: energetic, physical and emotional.

In my communications I ask the animal questions their person wants to know, such as what they love, if the animal’s past influences the present life and how this can be released, what they see as their soul’s mission and what prevents them to fully enjoy their life.

I will work together with both animal and their human companion on seeing each other’s perspective and help them to a new understanding. This will help solve problems, because it opens them up to new possibilities and it will bring them closer together, enhance their relationship.

I will provide guidance on what can be improved to get into balance. My knowledge as an animal health practitioner and acupuncturist will be integrated.

If the animal and their person wish so, I will work with their energy fields for healing and releasing and open and clear their chakras.

I do worldwide distance work as language does not matter for the animals when they intuitively submit their information.

The methods and procedures I use are not scientifically proven and are not recognised by conventional medicine.