Have we forgotten how to be truly present?
In today’s world, there is so much that flows at us every day and so much that we want to do that we are usually already thinking about the next thing or trying to absorb information on several channels at the same time. Rarely do we really take the time to focus on one thing. Or when we are in a conversation, our brain is already immediately thinking about what it wants to answer or what we have to say about a topic. This makes us sick at some point and we have the feeling of being under a constant current.

And it also prevents us from really meeting our counterpart. English-speaking coaches have a very nice term for what they do: “holding space”. Really being present, engaging with the other person and opening a space without expectations where something can unfold.

Try being really present with your animal (or even a wild animal or a tree) and not actively sending or receiving anything, but just sharing space and time together without wanting to “do” anything else. Simply noticing without thinking, evaluating, questioning, figuring out, but gently being in the moment. Be open to every awareness, feeling and perception, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It is very exciting how much closer you feel and then what shows up.

It is said that the best friend is the one with whom you can be silent. Because it is precisely in this silence that so much comes to light that otherwise remains hidden in the hustle and bustle. And only when we find this silence within us, then we can really listen and receive, then open communication can take place.

Love and Light for you and your animals