This week there is a death in my family. Because of this, we are all very emotional and many memories and thoughts are coming up.
Yes, it is said and heard again and again that death (or illness) gives everything a different perspective. Because that’s exactly how it is. 

It becomes clear again what is really important in life and what things you actually want to do much more. Spending time with your loved ones, being there for the other person, having nice experiences together. Because that is what gives you strength and those are the memories that you want. And that is also what makes it “easier” to say goodbye, what helps you in your grief.
I know it from myself when my Niela died, and I experience it when talking to clients. The worst is the blame you give yourself, the regret you feel.I have never seen an animal accuse us of not having enough time for them or not doing enough for them. But we ourselves ponder what we could have done better or differently and this amplifies the loss we experience many times over.

No, you can’t live every day like it’s your last. And you will say goodbye to each other sometimes in a quarrel. But you can make sure that you give your animals or the people who are important to you time and attention, that you do something together and are there for others, fulfill their wishes. Not only is it beautiful to experience together, but it’s also what you feed off of when at some point you run out of opportunities to create more memories together.

Therefore, I would like to encourage you to take a look at your life, your everyday life from this perspective and perhaps make small changes. Even without a startling event prompting you to do so. 
And now that Christmas is approaching and gifts are on the agenda, the greatest wish of people and animals is that you give them time. It’s not the new toy, but that we play together with them, get completely involved with them without having the next appointment in mind. Enjoy your time together!

Love and Light for you and your animals