Actually I wanted to write about hypersensitivity today. But then my Maja asked me to write about humor and lightness. That’s the topic of her chapter in my mentor’s book that came out last week. “Conversations with Companions” by Joanne Yeoh. And we could all use a little more of that, she thinks.

Joanne asked us to participate in a project a while back. It was about finding out why animal communicators have such a hard time talking to their own animals and what our animals actually want from us. And the result was incredibly exciting suggestions as to how and what our animals would like to talk to us about!

Maja’s topic was humor. This surprised me at first, because she always looks so serious and well, I am also a rather matter-of-fact and serious person. You shouldn’t just go by the expression and humor doesn’t mean that you just walk around grinning. But that you don’t take everything so hard and are not so strict with yourself and others. And Maja can definitely teach me a lot about that. If something isn’t going the way I want it to and then I look at her, I now often have the feeling that she’s winking at me and it doesn’t feel so tragic anymore.

Maja thinks that unfortunately so many people take their lives so seriously, that they can no longer really be happy and laugh. And that especially now many people stress themselves out even more, because they think they have to do this and that and completely lose the fun. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and ask yourself what is really important and how you can do it with a little more ease. Or to watch a funny movie and not to do strenuous things to relax. And of course, it always helps to play carefree with your pet. To laugh and to scuffle together.
Because Maja says that a little more light-heartedness would also do us good towards our animals. You always want to do everything right, pay attention to so many different pieces of advice, and yet you become more and more uptight as a result. Rather laugh with your animal and do what is good for you!

So you see, our own animals can always surprise us and they have so much to share with us if we open up to them and engage in exchange with them.

Love and Light for you and your animals
Tanja and Maja