Maybe you’ve heard of hypersensitivity in people or maybe you’re an empath yourself and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the things that come your way in everyday life. Although there are certainly situations in which almost everyone is stressed by the energies surrounding them.

And so there are also animals that are particularly sensitive, that sometimes feel overwhelmed by physical life. Such animals are easily startled, react anxiously to change, tend to withdraw and need a lot of rest and gentle handling.

2 weeks ago I was allowed to talk to such a tender elf. Her consciousness had almost completely withdrawn from her body after it had two seizures that knocked out her sense of balance. She didn’t know how to deal with these physical sensations at all and didn’t want to experience that again. Talking to her, I was able to explain what had happened and also convince her to come back fully into her body and enjoy the physical. Very happy feedback came from her human about the fact that she participates more in life again, sniffs with interest, enjoys physical contact and has become less jumpy overall. That makes me very happy, of course!

But even without it being so drastic, it’s not that easy for many of our pets at the moment. They are closely connected to us and feel our worries, fears, anger and also sadness. We bring stress and negative energies with us, which also affect our animals.

So what can we do to cleanse our field? How can we regain our strength and center?
The first step is certainly that when we are stressed, we become aware of what emotions are occupying us. Because as soon as we are aware of the negative energies, we can take countermeasures.

  • For example, it helps to imagine how stressful energy that we have absorbed in everyday life drains through us into the ground and is absorbed and transformed by Mother Gaia.
  • Or, of course, when we take a conscious walk in nature and give up everything that is stressful and burdensome to nature and absorb fresh, light, bright energy.
  • We can also listen to healing sounds or do meditations. Gladly together with our animals. So we relax and recharge together and everyone benefits.
  • Of course, one also expels negativity by bathing in golden light, i.e. imagining being flooded with bright, golden, light energy.
  • In addition, we can also ask the angels for help. Archangel Michael to ask for a protective cloak and to cut energy cords to others. Or ask Gabriel to cleanse and transform our fields.
  • You can also bathe in a salt bath. Salt has transformative properties and water is very good anyway, not only to cleanse us physically. So it’s just as good to stand in the shower and be aware of how the water takes everything with it that doesn’t belong to us, that burdens us.

The current situation is stressful for all of us. But we can do something to make ourselves feel better. And we will be supported if we ask for it.
So let’s consciously work on letting go to make it easier for all those who are sensitive. And of course, so that we too can feel better again and feel peace and lightness in our hearts. ūüíĖ

Love and Light for you and your animals