The holidays are just around the corner. Many things are different from what your animals are used to.
You may be more tense and have less time, visitors are coming or you are going to visit the family. Maybe your pet is not so welcome there, you want to spare him the stress or you cannot take him with you and he is alone more and longer than usual. And even if you stay at home among yourselves, it will be different than usual.
Sometimes this is not easy for our animals to understand and they can react in an insecure way.
So here are a few tips to make the holidays harmonious and relaxed for everyone.
First, of course, try to be as relaxed as possible yourself. Remember, perfection is not important, but having a happy time together is. So think about what is really important and maybe cut out a few things that only add to your stress.
Keep your routines as much as possible so that your pet can stick to familiar ways. The more the day is structured as usual, the easier it will be for your pet to cope with the unfamiliar. And if you sense that your pet is a little tense, go for a walk or play together. This will help both of you.
If there are festivities coming up, think about what your pet would prefer. Trust your intuition, because you already know your animal very well. You can also ask it by presenting the different possibilities in your mind. For example, that it accompanies you to a party or that it stays in a quiet home. With one of the options you will have a lighter, lighter and wider feeling and with one it will feel heavy, dark and close.
When visitors come to stay with you, give them a chance to say “hello” and also a quiet place to retreat to. And keep an eye on your animal companion and watch out if it reacts increasingly stressed. Sometimes they need our help to take a brake from the action a little because they don’t realise themselves that it is actually too much for them.
Watch out for food or decoration hazards. A Christmas plate full of chocolate or perhaps biscuits with xylitol can quickly be disastrous! Candles, light decorations or hangings on trees that your pet might want to fish for can quickly lead to accidents.
New Year’s Eve can be very challenging for many animals. I have spoken to a few about this issue and no matter how much I explain why we do it, the fear often still remains. All we can do is try to be as supportive as we can. Most animals accept our closeness very gladly and also want physical contact. If this is not possible because the animal is too restless, then a Thundershirt or a partial or full body bandage according to Tellington (there are instructions on the internet) can help. If you use pheromones or essential oils, please do so in such a way that your animal can move away from them. Spray on a cloth rather than fogging the whole room. Distraction can also help, be it music or perhaps playing together if your pet is still open to it. The more our pet’s anxiety stresses us, the more stressful it is for the pet. I can understand that you feel helpless and would like to do something. But sometimes there’s not much we can do except be a solid rock ourselves and calmly be there for your animal. And that, animals tell me, often helps them the most.
So I wish you a relaxed and blessed Christmas season together! Take time for each other, for your family and for your animals. Because these memories of walking, playing and laughing together are the most precious things we can give each other.

Love and Light for you and your animals