Next week my course starts and while I am preparing it, I have also been thinking a bit about my own animal communication journey. 
There was a very long time when hardly anyone knew that I speak with animals. And not about my energy work anyway. I was worried that it would be seen as too wacky, that friends would label it as unbelievable, and also how they would see me then. But somehow, of course, that mirrored my own thoughts, were those my own worries. I myself couldn’t really believe it either. I didn’t have confidence in what I received, and I questioned it. Can I really do this? Is it possible?

Eventually I got to the point where I looked at my own beliefs and realized what was actually blocking me. This enabled me to dissolve them and to really accept that it is possible and that I can do it. And then I could tell everyone and I didn’t care how they would react. Because I felt inside myself that it was true. 

I then also let go of the need and also the fear of having to prove something to someone. I was absolutely sure that only someone who believes in it and really wants it will ask me to communicate with his animal. And I never went for a “well then you can talk to my animal”. Because that is actually a test and that is not the point. Then the animal will not open up either, because it feels that the answers are not important to its human and that it will probably not implement what it communicates either.

Thus I realized that we will never be really good at something that we hide from others. Because then we don’t accept it in ourselves either and fear blocks us. Maybe you might also ask yourself what you are hiding from others and also from yourself? And then explore deeper ground to dissolve it and liberate to have new experiences.

Love and Light for you and your animals