Perhaps you have already observed that we humans are falling more and more into such an action mode. Our thoughts are constantly active and almost everywhere we see problems that we have to solve. At some point, this not only makes us sick, but also distances us more and more from the people or animals we are in contact with. We are so “busy” that sometimes we don’t really notice them and we don’t listen properly anymore, but are already thinking about solutions or references from our own lives.

Yet listening can be so healing!
Not only for us humans, but also and even more so for our animals. And sometimes that alone can be the key.
Not only because they feel heard and seen, but because talking about something also gives them clarity.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. And when I tell someone about it, and he or she listens and asks a question or two, then I often know what’s actually going on. And I often experience it the same way with animals. Sometimes they also have to find out together with their human what is bothering them, what the cause is.
And that’s exactly why I actually only offer live conversations (via video or phone). Because that way we can all engage in an exchange, explore what the “problem” is and find a solution that everyone feels comfortable with.

But you too can simply get involved with your animal and explore what then comes to light. Sit or stand very relaxed with your animal, without any intention. You just want to spend time together. Tune in to your animal, notice it. You will probably feel your connection with each other and your love for each other. Perhaps your thoughts will wander, remembering beautiful moments together. Maybe a “problem” creeps into your mind that your animal or both of you have. Try not to actively think about it, but to stay relaxed in the situation in question. Because that’s how you might suddenly remember accompanying circumstances or how your animal was doing. Just notice, without your thoughts going on a journey to a solution again. And who knows, maybe an idea will come up spontaneously or you’ll feel like you’ve finally understood something. Be amazed at what happens when you unintentionally share time and space with your animal and you connect with each other.

I wish you a lot of joy and of course I will be happy if you tell me about your experiences.

Love and Light for you and your animals