On my Facebook page this week, I already gave a few tips on how to help your pet during a panic attack.
This newsletter is a little bit more about how our animals are sometimes overwhelmed with certain emotions and how we can support them.

These would be, for one, emotions and stress that they have inherited from their humans. Because our animals are so closely connected to us that our moods are easily transmitted. And they don’t always know how to deal with it.
On the other hand, they are sometimes confronted with situations that are too much for them and in which they are then confronted with excitement and pressure. 
In both cases, they don’t really know what to do with their feelings and they are completely out of balance. Something we can understand very well, because it often happens to us too. So how can we support our animals?

The most important thing is that we ourselves come to our centre and relax. This is how we can help our animals the most. It helps to consciously breathe deeply and evenly. And then there are some simple grounding exercises that we can do with our animals directly or from a distance.
Grounding means connecting fully with your body and the earth and orienting yourself to the physical world around you. This helps to feel centred, balanced, solid and stable.

Grounding touch

Tell your animal that you want to help it relax and feel good through touch and ask for its consent. You will feel if it is now ready. Your animal can stand, sit or lie down.
Then place a hand or even just one or two fingers (especially with small animals) on its body and make contact. Some animals feel more comfortable if you hold your hands or fingers a few centimetres away from their body. It still works the same way. 
If you brush your animal off right away, imagine the scattered, ungrounded or stuck energy moving along with your hands and descending into the earth. 
Start by touching the skull or, if your animal does not like to touch the head immediately, the neck or upper part of the shoulders. Then slowly move to the next point, e.g. the top of the shoulders, the base of the spine, the tail, the legs and the feet and toes.
Gently stroke the animal with your hand from the head to the tail and from the legs to the toes. Once may be enough, or several times if necessary. You will feel when your animal is more relaxed and loosened. 
Then shake your hands downwards to release any remaining ungrounded energy into the earth.

Connecting body parts

Sometimes the energy flow in your animal’s body may be interrupted and it may not perceive its body as a unit. Therefore, another method to support grounding and harmonisation can be to create a connecting energy bridge between different parts of the body with the hands or fingers. As with the grounding touch technique, this can be done with the hands on the body or outside the body.
You can start by placing one hand or finger on the forehead or crown of the animal and one on the base of the skull, the nape of the neck. You can also choose any part of the body that the animal accepts easily, applying a pressure that is comfortable for the animal. While doing this, imagine the energy of the two points connecting.
Other good connection points: One hand at the base of the skull and one hand at the base of the spine above the tail. One on each shoulder. Or one on the shoulder and the other on the hip on the other side. One shoulder and one foot. Be guided where it is best for your animal.
Stop the exercise when your animal is relaxed or becomes restless. They usually let us know very clearly when it is enough. 

You can also do both methods remotely by connecting to your animal and visualizing its body. You can also use a surrogate, e.g. For example, use a stuffed animal that you touch while imagining the process taking place on your animal.

I hope you enjoy trying it out and of course I am curious how you like it and what you notice. ????

Love & light for you and your pets

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