In every session comes the question of what the animal wants from us. They give us so much happiness every day that we would all like to give something back to them.

Most animals want us to be proud of them. When I ask their humans what they love about their animal, what makes it especially great, and they then tell me how, for example, it always cares for everyone in the family, how it makes them smile every day, how it senses when we need its closeness, etc., I feel such feelings of happiness in the animal. They are so touched and happy when they feel that we really see them.
So really notice your animal. See its unique personality and realise how it enriches your life. And then praise it for that, tell it every day what it does great and how it delights you.

The second thing animals want is time together. They love it when they can be near us. Preferably going on an adventure together. Or to explore and experience something new. Playing together and consciously enjoying each other’s closeness.

They also love it when we combine the two. Training and learning together and thus enabling them to achieve a success that we can be proud of together.

By the way, so far no animal has answered this question about what it wants from us with food. Even though we like to express our affection with treats and they are undoubtedly happy to accept them, it is more important for them to make us proud and spend time with us.

And so, on this long Whitsun weekend, I wish you many special and intimate moments with your pets.

Love & light for you and your pets