The last post was about explaining to our animals what is happening in their lives so they can understand. This time it is about understanding what is going on in our animals. 
Because only if we know the reasons for their behaviour can we help and support them in the best possible way. And sometimes just talking about it helps our animal to face a situation differently. Because it knows that we understand why it acts the way it does and don’t judge it.

I would also like to tell you about a horse that has had some traumatic and unpleasant experiences in its past. Although his life is very different now, there are situations when he is reminded of them. As he has shared with us, these triggers also trigger physical symptoms that he cannot suppress. Some of this pain, I have energetically dissolved during our session. But I’m sure some will still come up. It helped him to talk about it and it made him feel so relieved that his human understood why it was happening and how it made him feel. So we were able to think together about what would help him in these situations, what he would like to see so that he can regain his balance. 

So far, he has experienced that others have condemned him for his behaviour, scolded him and demanded something from him that he cannot do in these moments. But it doesn’t work like that. Neither with our animals nor with us humans. Even if we would like to behave in a certain way, sometimes we cannot. So we were able to think together about what would help him in these situations, what he would like to get back into balance.

And that is exactly what we did in this case. And one day later, the horse was able to handle one of these situations much better and was also more relaxed than usual. Because it knew that its human understood it. He knew that he could rely on his human, that she would help him. And that alone took a lot of pressure off. For both of them. Because we are also tense when we don’t know what is going on in our animal at certain moments and what we can do to help it.

Communication and understanding is always mutual. We help our animal to understand why something we want is happening and explain the reasons. And it is equally important that we understand how our animal perceives something, how a situation is from its point of view. Only when we each know the other’s perspective can we look for solutions together and make decisions for the good of all.

Love & light for you and your pets