I can’t talk to animals (yet), but I would love to. I hear and read this so often. 
We all want nothing more than to understand our animals and know what they are thinking and feeling. 

And I firmly believe that we all already communicate much more than we think we do. Paul Watzlawick once said that we cannot not communicate, but that we are in an exchange at all times even without words. And that doesn’t only apply to us humans among ourselves and it doesn’t only apply to our body language. 
There are many situations where we intuitively have an immediate impression, know how someone is doing. Without having observed much beforehand. Our intuitive senses register a lot of information energetically in a fraction of a second. 

And our animals are with us all day, or at least for a very long time. And so we are constantly in exchange with them. We share information in the form of thoughts, images, feelings, body sensations, etc. with each other. And all that is communication! 
We can and do this every day. What we need to “practise” is conscious listening and sending, being attentive and open to it, and also understanding what we receive.

Why don’t you start by tuning in consciously to your animal and see what you receive. Maybe you have a feeling, an image in front of your eyes, a body sensation, a smell in your nose or a taste on your tongue, maybe you hear something or have an inner knowing?
Be curious and approach it playfully! And as always, I love to hear about your experiences. 

Love and Light for you and your animals