Today is the 3rd anniversary of the day Niela started her journey to the other side.
I can still remember exactly how great the despair, grief and pain was in the first time after her death. At that time I was not yet so good and confident in animal communication that I could speak directly with her. But when I focused on her, I could feel her closeness and her love and that comforted me a bit. I felt that her death was not the end.

Whenever you think of your beloved animal, there is a connection with it and it is close to you. Usually at first our heart becomes heavier because we feel its energetic closeness, but it makes us especially aware that it is no longer physically with us.
Therefore, the deceased often send us physical signs, because they cannot reach us in any other way. But even these we do not always perceive, but dismiss them as coincidence. Mostly, however, it is so that we see, hear, smell something and immediately think of our beloved animal and are touched in the heart. And we don’t think first whether this could be from him? They are immediately present with us because we feel their closeness. ❤️
Some things we probably would have simply overlooked, but our animal drew our attention to them. And that is why it was just not a coincidence, but their way of reaching us in everyday life.

Niela sent us these signs in the months after her death and even now sometimes:
⭐️ Lots and lots of rainbows. Every time we saw one, we immediately felt that she was close to us. My husband even got a double one when he was on a business trip.
⭐️ During walks in the fields, when my heart was heavy, I would find feathers and immediately feel comforted.
⭐️ She sent me a robin that visited me regularly. It sat near the window and peered in, which was very unusual. This robin was not so close in the following winters.
⭐️ Sparkling lights on her altar.
⭐️ A certain song that is playing on the radio.
⭐️ The burnt wick of a candle had the shape of a butterfly.
⭐️ Twice I smelled her scent!
⭐️ One of her hairs that I found in my cup one morning.
⭐️ Rays of sunshine that came through the clouds at the exact moment we were talking about her.
⭐️ Such a strong feeling of love in my heart as a sign that Niela is connecting with me.
⭐️ A drop of water on a blade of grass that glistened so much.
⭐️ On her first birthday without her, she made a star, in an unusually clear sky for March, shine extra bright.
⭐️ When we visited her memorial stone in the Texel dunes this year, a delicate partial rainbow formed right when we found it. My husband immediately said, look, there she is. It was so magical and touching!
⭐️ Yesterday morning when I was thinking about her and looking up at the starry sky, a shooting star fell. It was the first one I have seen in very many years.

In my group many have reported similar signs and so everyone has received a message from their beloved animal. Mostly when they have sensed that we need them urgently right now. So you see, our connection and our love does not end, but their soul is always there for us.

And always remember to thank your animals for the signs! Because they are very happy when we send our thanks as a confirmation that it has reached us. ❤️

Love and Light for you and your animals