Today, for the second time, an animal in a shelter told me that it saw its purpose in being there. Both the cat at the beginning of last year and the dog today, wanted to be there for the other animals there, give them support and help. They were happy and proud how they could strengthen the others and didn’t want any other life at all.

When I received this the first time, I could not believe it at all, had to ask several times if I perceived this correctly. As I was also told today by the wonderful Malamute, we should please give up our judgements. We are so convinced that our view of things is correct that we close our hearts to really seeing and understanding. One is not necessarily good and the other bad, but everything always has a purpose. 

Yes, coming into that trust that we are all being guided, that there is purpose and most importantly, that we are listening to our hearts and not our minds is a learning challenge that we all probably still have to a greater or lesser extent.

We often do not perceive animals that are old or sick in an unbiased way, but evaluate what we see. Many of these animals convey to me that they are at peace with what is, that they don’t perceive limitations or illness as being as “bad” as we do. 
My own dog, Niela, later told me that my actionism, my caring, my hoping for this therapy or that therapy had robbed us of something rather than helped. She wished that we had really enjoyed the time we still had together. That we be grateful for what is still there and not mourn for what is no longer.

So today I want to bring you the message that we should stop judging with the mind, but instead perceive with the heart. It will guide us where there is something to do and where we should just be. Trust that you will hear the wisdom of your heart and that you will feel and see the truth. And trust that if you listen to your heart, you can let go and everything will work out for the best good of all.

Love and light to you and your animals