As an animal communicator, I too get excited when my doggie has to go to the vet. Especially because I know that Ida already has stress there. Especially when she has to get on the examination table. And she then develops quite a bit of strength to get down there.

So that it goes more calmly this time, I have explained to her exactly why she has to go there and what will be done. As pet parents, sometimes we have to make the decision to have our pet examined or put it in an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, we cannot ask it for its consent, because there are moments when we have to decide and then we can only explain our reasons and considerations. And that is exactly what I did with Ida. I explained why these examinations are done and also explained to her the consequences if we don’t do it. What that would possibly mean. Our animals can accept something much better if they know the background and the pros and cons that led to our decision.

I also showed her in detail the examinations themselves. I did not hide the fact that the puncture of the needle can be somewhat painful. So she was prepared when it actually hurt a little bit. She was not surprised or defensive. And, of course, I praised her a lot during the procedure for how brave she was.

I also asked her to share with me what exactly was so uncomfortable at the table and then we thought together about what we could do to make it bearable for her. The vet was very understanding and took her wishes into consideration. And Ida handled it so, so great!

The other day, a dog expressed that he was so scared of being shaved during the ultrasound. So, on the one hand, I explained to him why it was being done so he could understand better. And on the other hand I asked him to tell me what he found so particularly bad. And it turned out that he doesn’t like it to be shaved very short. So next time his human could ask if it might not be possible to leave a few mm.

When an animal is sick, sometimes it even expresses a desire to go to the vet itself to be helped. So they don’t always find going to the vet a bad thing. 

Our animals want us to be honest with them and to involve them. They want to understand what is happening to them and they want us to listen to their concerns, fears and desires.

Love and light to you and your animals