We can do much more and are much more “powerful” than we think!

During and after the last healing circle in my animal communication group, I realised that we often make ourselves small, that we are not even aware of the brightness of our own light.

You have probably heard the advice to ground yourself, to let stressful energies and stress flow into the earth, to root yourself firmly into Mother Gaia and to absorb her energy. Doing this regularly actually helps us. 
BUT often we do all this in a consciousness of neediness and it is rather a one-sided “taking”. We don’t realise that we can also give something to our Mother Earth. That we can let our light, our uniqueness, flow into her through these roots. When we, as her children, connect with her in the awareness that we are powerful creators who can help the earth with our own power, then a completely different balance arises. We then feel the energy flowing from her to us and from us to her. In a powerful, mutually enriching cycle. We are no longer just in need of help, but have so much to give ourselves.

And this is not only true for the earth and the connection with Gaia, but also in the connection with our animals!
In every heart there is a wonderful bright light, a powerful and healing vibration. And if we feel this and consciously send this light to our animal, then each one of us can accomplish healing. 
Listen to what your heart tells you. It is always connected to your animal and it knows what your animal needs, how it feels and what it wants. Trust your intuition and don’t make yourself small, but feel your own size.

Of course I am also happy to help if you are unsure whether you are right with your perception. Or I can mediate between you or explain something. But also believe in yourself!

Love and light to you and your animals

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