Last week I was asked to speak to an animal in spirit. As always, I ask the person to write down their questions beforehand and send them to me so that we don’t forget anything during the conversation.
She was quite surprised at first that I wanted to ask questions, because she had been in contact with an afterlife medium a few months ago and he only channelled what the deceased had passed on.

Yes, in animal communication we also connect with the soul/consciousness of the animal and we receive the information via our intuitive senses. But you are not just a channel, you enter into a dialogue with the animal. We ask questions, exchange ideas, explain and have a conversation, just as we would with a human being.

And just like with a human counterpart, the answers depend on the quality of the questions. Does my dialogue partner understand what I want from them? Do I have a clear grasp of the facts and can I ask the right questions? Am I open to any answer or do I already have an opinion?

In the beginning, it is important that as an animal communicator you can receive information with your intuitive senses and translate it into words with your mind. After that, however, it’s about developing your communication skills. How do I convey to the animal what its human wants to know? How do I ask the right questions? How do I explain something so that the animal understands it?

And so, during an animal communication session, pet owners also enter into a dialogue with their pets. You don’t just receive answers to questions, but enter into an exchange and gain understanding for each other.

Love and light for you and your animals