Some time ago, a client asked her deceased dog whether he now has a superpower that he didn’t have on earth. 

What an exciting question that I had never asked before!

And his answer was surprising. He now really understands what we say, think and feel. Now that he has a different perspective and is no longer just looking at things from a dog’s point of view, he can understand our motivations. Something he always wanted very much before. 

And in the course of the conversation it was also important for him to emphasise that dogs (or other animals) do not have the limited mental capacity of a 3-4 year old child! Just because they belong to a different species and don’t always understand our human rules and behaviour, they would still be mentally capable of doing so. Especially if we explain it to them. 

Thank you for pointing out once again how much our animals would like us to involve them more and explain our lives, our emotions and our decisions to them and, above all, realise that they are mentally on the same level as we are.

Love and light for you and your animals