Today I would like to share something with you that a dog taught us at the end of our session on Wednesday. 
You only perceive everything that happens through the filter of your judgements. This limits you so much and you can’t actually see what is real. 

He is always very excited and expressive during the walk. A dog trainer once told his human that he wouldn’t get any older than 8 because he’s always so stressed.
Well, he’s now 10 😉 
When I tuned in to how he felt on his walk, I could sense his excitement. But also a lot of enthusiasm and joie de vivre. And he told me that he simply savours life to the full and expresses his joy. Something we have unlearnt and been taught to refrain from. Everything should be as moderate as possible. But he is just different, he enjoys immersing himself in his experience with all his being and letting everything flow.

And if we were to leave out our judgements of, he’s stressed, that’s too much, etc., then we would also realise that it corresponds to his personality and that it is completely natural and also wonderful for him. His human then said, yes, I also have the feeling that he is actually doing well and is full of zest for life. And he would like to infect her with exactly this joy and encourage her to express herself more. That would do us all good, he says 😉
And yes, he’s so right. I too sometimes have my categories, ideas and judgements in my head and can’t perceive things clearly. And I can’t be surprised by something completely new. Because often reality may not be what I think it is.

Perhaps you would also like to have a look at where you see your animal with certain glasses. Is there something that you have labelled your animal as? And what would it be like if it was completely different? And you look at your animal in a completely new and neutral way?  Please let me know if this gives you an ‘aha’ moment? Or if you say, yes, that’s exactly what my heart, my intuition has always told me, but I’ve listened to others, to supposed knowledge, etc.

Love and light for you and your animals