I wish you a wonderful Easter!
Enjoy the time off with your pets.  

Perhaps you would like to give your pet a little Easter present and give them the choice more often over the next few days?
We decide so much for our pets, so it’s nice when they get to decide sometimes. For example, whether they want to eat chicken or beef? Or whether they would rather go this way or the other? Or whether they want to play with this or that toy? Or whether they want to play at all or perhaps prefer a cuddle?

To do this, address your animal by name and focus on it. Then tell them that they can decide, present them with the alternatives and try to feel their response. You then pay attention to your body and your feelings. Does one option feel lighter, brighter, wider and more joyful? And as you visualise the other, does it feel darker, heavier, narrower and more depressing? 
I am sure you will feel a difference. Your pet will let you know what it wants.  

Just approach it playfully! Of course, you can also simply present two treats and let your pet choose. 
Just have fun together!
And of course I’ll be delighted if you let me know how it goes and how your pet reacts. 

Love and light for you and your animals