Today is the 5th birthday that we can’t celebrate here with our Niela. As always on such days, there are many fond memories, but also some sadness. My heart was a little heavy again because I wasn’t able to accompany my Niela on her last journey so consciously.

Yes, I was already able to communicate with animals, had already done some advanced courses and also spoke to animals regularly. But only with animals I didn’t know. We never made contact with our own animals on any of the courses. And I believed the statements that it is always more difficult with your own animal, fully adopted this belief and blocked myself. And so I always felt unable to talk to my own favourite dog. I wish I had known so much of what I know now and that we could have had an intensive dialogue, especially in her last days and weeks.

I am all the more grateful to her that she took me by the paw after her death, that she led me to the right people and that I now feel and speak to her regularly! And I know that I was very, very closely connected to her. Even though I may not have perceived it as communication. I know that I sensed what she needed and that we did a lot of things right.

I can’t change the past, but I can shape my future differently and now have the close dialogue with my two girls that I wanted with Niela.

So don’t think that it’s more difficult to talk to your own animal and open yourself up to receiving consciously from your animal. Your animal is looking forward to meeting you! Unconsciously, you are always connected and understand each other anyway.

But if you would like my help to translate and mediate between you or if you are too close to an issue, then I am very happy to be there for you.

Love and light for you and your animals