Mom, why don’t you talk to us so much? Oops! I recently got this sentence from Maja and Ida, our two Labrador girls.
I was alone with them for a week and they were right, the time we had together was rather quiet. We are in regular telepathic contact, but I rarely talk to them out loud. Definitely much less than my husband and also less than when we are together as a family.
They told me that they really like it when we talk to them and involve them in our everyday lives. I asked a few other animal friends and they all confirmed that they love it when their humans talk to them.
So remember to talk out loud to your pet from time to time. And not just when you tell them how much you love them, how great they are and how cute they look. Tell them about your day and let them know how you feel. With all the emotions. Then they’ll be happy to share in your joy and feel reassured when they know why you’re not feeling so good or are stressed. Maybe you’d like to share your latest project with them or discuss the pros and cons of an upcoming decision.
And maybe they’ll surprise you by answering you. If you suddenly have a thought in your head, be sure it was from your pet.

Love and light for you and your animals