Today is the last day of my animal communication challenge. It was such a pleasure to receive their tasks from the animals and to read the deep exchange with each other.

The animals have given us such valuable wisdom, some of which I would like to share with you here. Because it would be a shame if they were only read in our small circle. Perhaps one or two of the messages will make you think and inspire you. 

Dog Eddie on the subject of friendship from Eva:

I like friendship, it’s such a treasure, it grows from a small seedling into a deep connection. I really value being together with my human. I am simply there for them. Trust is part of it, you can’t buy it. With other dogs, animals, yes, with pleasure. And if an animal comes your way that might want to join you, look at the signs, they are signs of friendship right from the start. Even for those who can’t or don’t want to read the signs, we animals simply offer. And what do I do with all this friendship? I send “the abundance” out into the universe so that there is plenty of it. Everyone should have friendship. It, or rather that, makes me totally happy! My human and I, we have that, we show that. Friendship is what creates friends. Oh, I could go on forever about friendship, and yes, in the end it’s eternal friendship.”

Dog Rosi on the subject of beauty from Marion:

She immediately said that you humans look at beauty from the outside and do not perceive the inner beauty of each individual. If you saw people with your heart, like we do, then there would be no strife and wars. Learn to see with your heart and not with your eyes, then you can recognise the true beauty in every living being. See in yourself the true beauty that you are, then you will also recognise the beauty in all others.

Horse Enjoy on the subject of finding your greatness from Birgit:

Stop bemoaning what has happened, then you will also realise the beauty of your freedom and self-determination. You know, I wasn’t well for a long time either, now I have everything I’ve ever wanted, it’s like a never-ending dream. You can do it too, you just have to free yourself from the dark thoughts. It’s a small step that will change a lot.

Dog Henry on the subject of “how to do something for someone else without losing yourself in the process” from Lisa

When I asked him if there was anything he only did for his mum, he had to think for a long time. Then he showed me a picture of them both sitting on the couch with his head on her lap. I asked him what he was doing for her. “Well, I’d much rather let off steam and be crazy, but I also know that my mum sometimes needs her peace and quiet to gather her strength.” I asked him how he felt about it. He showed me a picture of both their hearts connected with a pink ribbon and this love and gratitude flowed in both directions. He said, ‘For me, it’s all about give and take and I’m only happy when my mum is happy too. She also puts up with my lively nature and then goes out into nature with me, even though she has a headache and isn’t feeling so well.”
“You see, you might do it for the love of others first, but I actually do it for the love of us.”
Then we looked at how you don’t give up on yourself in the process, he said: “That can’t happen if you’re in a heart-to-heart relationship. You look out for the other person and wouldn’t let that happen.”

Dog Polly on the subject of love from Claudia M.:

Even before I can really feel my way in, Polly begins to ask me a question: What is it like to love yourself? When do you give it to yourself, especially when things aren’t going so well?
This question naturally makes me very thoughtful and also a little sad, because we rarely give ourselves this attention.

Monty the dog on the subject of changes in the family from Nicole:

Life is like a river, change is important. We can support others through change by being there for them and explaining that every wheel on the cart is important, regardless of its role. Accepting change and pointing out the positives in it.

Cat Minah on the subject of siblings from Heike:

Minah says that it is important to accept each soul as they are, with all their strengths and weaknesses, and to see the light in them, then you have inner peace.

Dog Joker on the subject of quick prejudice from Barbara:

Joker says to me that we, don’t use all our senses and therefore we often judge wrongly.
He says that you shouldn’t judge, but allow everyone to have their own experiences and opinions.
And possibly also look at the opinions of others from a bird’s eye view. Before you pigeonhole them. Also, what is good for you doesn’t necessarily have to be good for others.
You should also be flexible and adapt to every situation.
Joker says he first observes with all his senses before he acts.
You humans are far too quick to make judgements out of fear and insecurity.
Observe your animals, talk to them and respond to their needs.
Incidentally, you show the same behaviour from person to person. You often categorise everything without looking at it from a bird’s eye view. You could have it so much easier if you first observed and reflected before you acted.

Dog Hayo on the topic of ‘accepting old age’ from Carola:

‘The serenity of old age’ – hmm, what can I say? I have been able to experience so many wonderful things with my human and the other dogs with her – now the wishes have become smaller, the horizon no longer limitless.
 Is that serenity – not mourning what has been lost but accepting and appreciating what is still possible?
 I think it’s a human thing! I live in the now, that always works and I have great support from my family (animals and people), what more could I want?
 I enjoy my inner peace, there’s always a way forward, don’t complain, make the best of it!
Oh yes, the ‘changes’ – people, don’t make it so difficult for yourselves! See what you can make of it! Just accept what you can’t change! This will make many things easier for you – don’t mourn the past, your youth. There are still great moments in the here and now! – You don’t have to look for them, they just come – you just have to notice them – so always keep your eyes and ears open!

Nyima the cat on the subject of “energetic travelling” from Miriam:

Nyima, are you interstellar?
She’s amused by me. What would I mean? Well… Whether you fly back and forth between worlds.
She giggles. You humans are so funny. It’s so natural for her and we close ourselves off from it, don’t want to see it. She shows me how her soul shuttles, how she visits others through space and time, how she keeps in touch with others she has never actually seen. It is all one and yet everyone is themselves. A feeling I don’t know and can’t describe. Nyima is amused by me because I can’t really understand it. Like a child taking its first wobbly steps.

Dog Gaia on the subject of home from Claudia:

She tells me that she feels at home everywhere.
In every place, whether on earth or in the universe.She says that there is a place within us that tells us about home.When we become aware of this place, we are at home within ourselves, no matter where we are. She loves nature, the trees, the plants, the lakes, the earth, everything is alive and at home in itself.Learn from nature what it feels like to be at home without protective walls. Learn to feel yourself more through nature and go in search of your inner home.

Dog Franzi on the topic of health from Inka:

Franzi says you shouldn’t focus on what doesn’t work or is more difficult, but on everything that still works well. And get help with everything else.

Dog Kira on the subject of external size from Caroline:

I feel the need to lie down on the floor, to meet Kira at eye level.Her soul is anything but small…she is big and powerful and wise.
You humans put too much emphasis on the outer shell, it’s just a means to an end.I was already huge and tiny.My outer shell is only there to fulfil my task, on my soul path, to gain experience.Now I am small so that you learn not to underestimate small ones, not to generalise. We have to learn to see the soul, which is why it is so important and so beautiful that more and more souls are opening up and clearing the channels. After the greeting, Kira no longer looked like a small dog to me, she was big and powerful.

Cat Monty on the subject of serenity from Kathi:

People have so many things on their minds, but this creates stress.
Listen carefully, preferably with all your senses.
Calmness – nothing runs away, some things just take longer.
Stay with yourself and concentrate on one thing, everything else can wait.
This results in less stress, you are generally calmer and living together is made easier, which is also transferred to others.

Dog Büszke on the subject of “coming to terms with the past” by Renate:

“Once I had processed the worst, I only focussed on what was happening now.
As a result, the experiences of the past faded more and more.
Sometimes I still flinch, like when you reached out to me.But it’s not that often anymore.I’m fine now, I feel safe and secure.”
Me: “Yes, Büszke, most people do it the other way round.For them, only the past and the future exist. They don’t find the present attractive enough.”
Büszke: “Exactly, and that’s pretty stupid, because life is only ever now. Yesterday is over and tomorrow doesn’t exist yet. I’m living now and I’m glad that I’m not living in the past. I no longer need most of the memories. I live now. It’s really much easier.”

Dog Fine on the subject of love by Karin:

Trust is a big building block of love.
You have to show the other person that you like or love them. This is the only way to show the other person’s love. Be open to all people who then show you what they love about you or what they love you for.
Love always gives you the feeling of warmth, security, softness and, above all, it feels like you’re lying on clouds ….. Simply cosy and soft.
I’m quite sure that I was loved by everyone on earth because it always felt warm in my heart.

Dog Beany on the subject of freedom from Conny:

For me, freedom means that I am allowed to have my own opinion and that I am not bent.For me, freedom is a feeling of being allowed to let go…of being unbound…understanding my actions…being allowed to do.
Freedom is being allowed to be…to be unbound but also bound and to feel safe as a result…to feel cared for…
Freedom sounds good to me. Being free and still being bound. One does not exclude the other. If I am bound and I know that someone is there for me…even then I can be free. Then I am free because I know that someone is there for me and I am not alone.
Walking and running…feeling the wind around my nose…chasing the leaves…all this is freedom for me.
Freedom is the blowing of my ears in the wind and feeling the wind in my fur.
…feeling the fresh air…the never-ending view into the distance…letting my thoughts drift away in the wind.
For me, freedom means having no pain and no blockages…
For me, freedom is when my health is good and I can enjoy life.
For me, freedom is being able to take the time to sniff… to look… to smell… to explore… that is also freedom for me.
Feeling the understanding of others and therefore being allowed to do things…that is also freedom for me.
Freedom for me is also not having to think…just being able to enjoy.
Being allowed to be ME.

Dog Bronco on the subject of “organising your strength” from Sandra:

Body, mind and soul must be balanced. If they’re not, you lose your way and it’s often not easy to find it again. Find out what is good for you. Take a step back, ground yourself, regain your strength, then you can be YOU again 

There are a lot of dogs in the messages at the moment. Overall, we had more dogs than other animals, but this is also because the cats and horses mostly invited us to experience the world with their senses or to support us with our own issues.

Many thanks to my wonderful participants for sharing these messages with us.  And of course a big thank you to our amazing animal teachers!

Love and light for you and your animals