I wish you all the best for Valentine’s Day!
I think it’s very nice to be aware of and appreciate all the special people and animals in your life on this day. And I am grateful that you read my lines every week and see your animal with different eyes.

I can still remember Valentine’s Day 16 years ago. I really wanted to tell and show my Niela how much I love her. I wanted to make her understand how much her love touches me, how important she is to me. I wanted to understand this being next to me, I wanted to ask her what I can do to make her happy, what she really needs. 
I felt very close to her on so many levels and yet there was no real exchange. I was frustrated because I could only “guess” or read from her body language and behavior what she wanted, what she was feeling. I was sad that I couldn’t explain to her what was happening to her, for example at the vet, why and how long she had to stay alone.
So that day I decided that I would learn to understand her and talk to her and booked the animal communication beginners course! And so began my long and exciting journey into understanding the animals and being able to exchange ideas with them. It wasn’t always easy and it took a few attempts until I found the right teacher and thus my confidence in my abilities.

And today I can ask Maja and Ida what they want, I don’t just have to guess. I can show them my love every day by respecting them as conscious beings and including them in decisions. We can exchange our thoughts, feelings and impressions and we can look for solutions together.
I’m so grateful that I can have a completely different relationship with them now and I can do so much more to make them feel good! 
And I can also tell my late Niela today how much I still love her and how wonderful it is that she is still by my side and we can talk to each other. 

I’m sure your pet also knows how much you love it and shows you its love in many different ways. But if you would like to go deeper, I would be happy to be your translator in a live conversation together. And I will certainly be offering another course soon so that you can be in dialogue with your animal yourself.

Love and light for you and your animals