Inspired by a question posed to Ida in my AC group, today’s topic is names.
This is the question and Ida’s answer:

Question: I would be interested to know if you give each other names and what they might be. In your opinion, does it make sense to ask a newly arrived animal for its name via animal communication, which we humans are allowed to use?
Ida: Yes, we also give each other names if we haven’t been given one by you. So everyone in my previous pack had a name at the breeder. (I Tanja, can’t tell you exactly what they are as I don’t actually receive them, but they seem to be rather short and melodious with lots of vowels).
It makes sense to give an animal a choice of names. You can do this via a AC, as my Tanja once did with a male dog. He then gave her a ranking of which name he liked best and which he didn’t like at all. However, you can also simply call your animal the different names yourself and feel whether it feels light, wide and light or heavy, dark and tight. Or pay attention to whether we react to the name. Once you’ve known your new animal for a few days, you’ll be able to feel whether a name fits or not.

Their names are also very important to the animals and I’ve had a few that have told me they don’t like their name and it doesn’t reflect their personality. And even if they have already got used to their name and respond to it, you can change it at any time if you feel that it doesn’t suit them. Because I have often experienced this too, when the animals feel comfortable with their new name, they react very quickly to it.

We often have many different endearments for our animals. Have a feel for whether your pet feels more comfortable with certain names than others. Sometimes they get annoyed by a certain name or it offends them. For example, Stinky, because they can’t digest their food well and have bloat from time to time. Or Scurry because they find it hard to control their excitement. Perhaps you had a nickname as a child that you didn’t like and can therefore understand it. Our animals also sense the vibration of a name and its meaning.
So be careful how you address your animal and what name you give them. And don’t be afraid to give them a new name if you have the feeling that theirs doesn’t really fit (anymore).

Love and light for you and your animals