Today I would like to tell you about a special moment when I was suddenly sure that I could talk to animals. I think we all have these key moments in our lives when something really changes. For me, it was a conversation with Molly, a Labi-Pitbull dog, on 14 February 2020.
What was so different about this conversation to all the others I’ve had since my first course in 2008?
On the one hand, it was certainly this special and fun-loving dog, who is now in spirit. On the other hand, it was also the topic. I was supposed to talk to her about things that we enjoy. This light-hearted topic created a light mood right from the start. And so the dialogue flowed easily between us. And it really was an exchange and not just a questioning on my part. I told her about myself and she told me for sure. My doubting mind was completely switched off and I was able to fully engage with her. It was so much fun talking to her, laughing together and letting it flow. There was no right or wrong in that sense, so I didn’t feel blocked at all.
Was there a special moment for you? Where a knot burst? Or a conversation that particularly touched you?

Because this different kind of conversation was so moving and transformative for me, I won’t be asking people about their questions for the animals in my upcoming challenge. After all, these are usually problematic and have a certain intention. The animals usually don’t feel like having this kind of conversation and it doesn’t really flow. And as communicators, we also feel a little under pressure because we want to help and do it right. So I prefer to ask the animals what they would like to talk to you about. That way we can be sure that it’s a topic they’re happy to tell us about. And it also really broadens our horizons, because the animals’ questions and tasks can be so surprising and profound. And we get to know our animals on a completely different level through these conversations.
Next time, why don’t you ask your pet what it would like to tell you about or tell it about something that has delighted you and then see how your conversation develops.

Love and light for your and your animals

As I connect with Molly I immediately feel a very vibrating energy, a very bouncy personality. It seems that she is so full of live and loves to be on the move.
I introduced myself and asked her if I can just feel her energy for some time. But that was not what she has in mind. She was so happy to communicate with me that she would like to just dive into it. So we just did that. 
I told her, that I would like to write down what we exchange and that I have to pause every now and then. She suggested that I write only the essential parts and I could complete the rest later. So she was very eager to go on with it. I had to smirk and went with it. She really draws me into our talk, so that I had neither time nor thoughts for doubt. 😉

T: What can you tell me about you?
M: I love to have fun and i find it so important in everybody’s life so you can live it to the fullest.
T: Yeah, I can see that in you. So you love your live and you get enough fun?
M: Could always be more, but it is pretty cool. I can go roaming, be outside.
T: Can you share a little bit of you personality with me?
M: I am friendly, love to cuddle, but mostly I like action, discover new things, I love my cosy bed, I love water. (Here I see a lake with a kind of jetty from where she is jumping.)
T: So you love to cuddle?
M: Yeah, I love to lean on my person, and get my neck scratched. And I love belly rubs.
T: You have shown me quite a lot. Seems you have a pretty good life. 
M: Yes definitely! 
T: Is food fun? 
M: Yes I like food, but it is gone in seconds, so only short term fun. 
(I have to laugh hard about that. Molly is happy that she gets me to laugh.)
T: Your Person suggest we talk about fun activities.
M: Yes that would be great! What do YOU like?
T: I am a more serious person. I am on my way to discover fun and ease back again. So maybe that is the reason I was so drawn to your picture. You radiate joy!
But I like to jump on my trampoline. I send her a picture and the emotions when I do this. And also how my dog wants to join me when I am bouncing and how we then bounce together.
M: Wow cool! That seems like a lot of fun. I would love to do that. She seems very eager about that.
T: And I like to fly a kite. I send her a picture of how the kite flows in the wind. 
M: And she sends me back a picture of her ears flapping in the wind. She loves the wind. But only if it is not a storm. Because in storm she can’t go outside.
Then she tells me that she can see my dog in spirit but with me. As I am a little teary she said to me: There has to be sad times, otherwise you could not fully enjoy the fun ones. 
T: Yes that is right Molly!
M: And she is always with you. Just think of new fun ways together.
Molly suggests that I can jump in the clouds with her. That would be as much fun as hopping on a trampoline.
T: There she had me smiling again. This dog absolutely knows how to cheer you up.
Yeah definitively. I will try that.
And you know that she also gone flying with us. I sent her pictures of our plane, of Niela with her mutt-muffs on, how she enters the plane, lies in the back seat, how we fly and how we land at the sea.
M: She was flashed. That would be so cool! To hop on a plane and to be at the beach. 
T: And we also camped there at the airport sometimes. 
M: She was a little disappointed that you couldn’t run free on the greens at an airport.
T: So I sent her pictures of the landing planes and how it is better to be on a leash. 
I asked her if she also loves the beaches as much as my dog?
M: She definitively loves the beach. But not so much to be in the water. I only see pictures of her running along she shore.
T: So yeah, that were my fun things to do. And I always loved to see how much fun my dog had. Her joy would always made me smile.
She loved to get a package with goodies, that she could unpack. I sent Molly a picture of a cardboard box, where I put dog biscuits, apple slices, etc. each packed in paper, so that she had to unpack this also.
M: Oh I want that! Tell my mum that I want such a package. What fun that would be.
T: I thank you very much for our communication. It lightens up my heart.
M: Some of us are here to remind you of having fun. Of not taking everything so seriously. To enjoy life!
T: Yes you are right and you are a good teacher about that, Molly!
Is there something I should convey your guardians?
M: No through me they know how to have fun and open theirs hearts. I am the best that could have happened to them
T: I have to smile and agree wholeheartedly with Molly.