Today I would like to share with you something that the animals are often very frustrated about in our conversations.
It’s about changing and making an effort, but others only see what you haven’t achieved yet.
Do you experience this yourself? You have a characteristic or habit that annoys your partner or friend. And you don’t like it either and you really want to change it. You often remember this and behave differently. However, the other person doesn’t really notice. Because it doesn’t annoy them. But if you fall back into your old patterns or habits, they’ll notice straight away.  Maybe even with the saying “you always do…”. And it frustrates you to no end and you think it’s so unfair because you really tried and you usually succeed. But that won’t be seen, only attention will be drawn to it if you don’t manage it.
And it’s the same with our animals. They very often want to change for us. If they understand why we want them to behave differently and can accept these reasons for themselves! Because there are definitely human reasons that they cannot understand and that we ourselves may see differently upon closer inspection. 😉
But then it’s often the case that we usually praise them at the beginning when they do it, but then our attention wanes again. And if they don’t manage it, we get frustrated again and see them as the animal that always…
In conversations, people often notice the change. Yes, that’s right, she’s coping with this and that situation so much better, this and that is now much easier. But in everyday life it often goes unnoticed or is overlooked.
Yet animals often want nothing more than for us to be proud of them, to recognise their efforts and praise them!
So if you want your animal to behave differently, first explain to him why this is important and makes sense. And then really notice every little step forward and praise your pet for it. Rejoice that it does this for you. And also see where and in which situations your animal is still having difficulties and how you can support them. And then express that too. So tell your animal: I can see that you can’t do it right now, and that’s okay. I will help you by making the requirements smaller or by supporting you. This takes the pressure off both of you and brings joy back in. Have lightness and fun on your journey and be happy about every change!

Love and light to you and your animals