The festive season of love is just around the corner and we naturally want to show our pets how much they mean to us.
According to Gary Chapman (“How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate”), there are five languages of love. The five ways people express and experience love are: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. We can all use any of the five languages, but we automatically have a primary love language that is the easiest and most natural way for us to express ourselves. Think about which one that is for you.
You can also show your animals your love in these 5 different ways over the next few days:

  1. The animals are so happy to receive words of affirmation from us! When we are proud of them and tell them so and feel this pride and joy in us, it is the greatest thing for them. In my conversations with your animals, they so often want us to praise them and, above all, to see what they are doing and what progress they have already made. So pay conscious attention to when you are proud of your pet, when it surpasses itself, when it does something for you and praise it for it.
  2. The greatest thing for many of our animals is actually when we consciously spend time with them. When we are fully present with them on a walk or when we play with them in an exuberant and joyful way. In everyday life, we are often stressed and caught up in our thoughts and worries. Sometimes we don’t really “see” our animals. Over the next few days, spend some time with your pet and do the things with him or her that bring the most joy.
  3. Of course, they are also happy to receive gifts from us. We clearly see this when we give them toys and play with them. And of course when we give them a special treat for the festive season. And for the “practical” things, such as a new harness, new bed, new winter blanket, etc., tell your pet why you bought it for them. Then they will be pleased with your care and the thought you put into making them feel especially good. For example, the new harness because it fits better than the old one or because they look particularly smart in this new colour. Believe it or not, female animals in particular are often very happy when they look good and are spruced up a bit.
  4. The fourth point, acts of service, may not be immediately obvious to us. But you can probably think of situations where you can consciously stand by your pet, where you can help them because they are insecure. And also think of all the moments when you take care of your pet, when you consciously do something for your pet. Your pet feels your care, love and attention. And this sense of security is something that touches them deeply and they carry this feeling deep in their hearts. Animals at the end of their lives or animals from animal welfare organisations tell me this again and again. 
  5. Physical touch is another small way of showing our love to the animals (and of course the people) in our lives. Not all animals respond equally to physical touch, but even a fearful animal will appreciate a respectful, attentive and personalised brief touch. Especially if you do it with the thought and feeling of love for him and thus communicate your affection. 

I wish you and your loved ones a relaxed and light-filled festive season full of love, joy and touching affirmations. And, of course, a good start to a wonderful new year!

Love and light to you and your animals