When an animal comes into our lives, it is always fate and it should be that way. And it is always a joint decision!

I was so excited the first time we visited the puppies of the breeder I was drawn to. How was I supposed to know which one was for us? And when we arrived, Niela immediately came up to me and curled up on my arm. It was so crystal clear that she chose me!
When we were asked to foster Tova for the first time, we unfortunately didn’t have the time and it was so difficult for me to turn down for her. A few weeks later she had to change her foster home and I knew immediately that the universe was leading her to us and we said yes straight away.
At the point when we were ready for a new dog after Niela’s death, I looked for a long time, but somehow it was never a good fit. And then Ebay classifieds on this site, which might interest you, suggested to me Maja. One look at her and my heart stirred. When we drove to her family’s house, I asked her if she wanted to come with us and she gave me a kiss.
As soon as we thought about having two dogs, Ida quickly came onto our radar. We immediately applied for her and a few days later we were on our way to Hamburg to meet her. She immediately took us by storm and when we wanted to leave, we couldn’t get the car open as quickly as she jumped in. So a clear YES to us as a family from her too.

Think back to how your pet came to you. Did you feel deep down that this was your pet? As soon as you saw each other for the first time? Or was it perhaps later? Did your pet perhaps come to you through circumstances and you didn’t actually feel ready or that you were for each other? But there came a point when you felt it should be exactly the way it was?

When we remember the energy that brought us together. That joy when we realised that we were meant for each other brings us much closer together. We then rediscover how much richer our lives are because of our animal.
We realise that not only we do something for our pet, but also what our pet does for us. Through its love, but also through the challenges it may present us with. That’s when it helps to remember this and then get through it together and realise how we can help our pet. 
For we were brought together to help one another. What do you need in your life that your pet can help you with? And where do you support your pet?

I am so grateful that these wonderful beings are in our lives and enrich them so much.

Love and light to you and your animals