It’s always so interesting to see how our animals support us as partners to make us aware of something! 
I would like to tell you about two cases that I have experienced in the last few months within a week and that have stayed in my memory.
To say it straight away, their behavior or physical symptoms do not always have anything to do with us, because animals also bring their own issues with them.
But in those cases where they do, their humans know deep down that it has something to do with them and that their animal wants to show them something.
In one case, it was a mare who was literally fed up. And her human felt the same way, because she had swallowed too much of what she encountered on the outside in the last few days instead of setting clear boundaries and listening to herself. And her horse was worried about her and was practically mirroring her situation. Despite her physical complaints, I perceived her as very powerful and centred. This is because I know of other incidents where she is experiencing similar things physically but is dealing with her own traumas and fears, which we then work through. As soon as her human recognised his part and consciously relaxed and took a deep breath, her mare did the same.

The other case was also a horse.  When I connected with him, I felt such a heaviness in my chest. As if I could hardly breathe deeply because there was so much pressure coming from outside. There was also a strong feeling of heaviness, of hardly being able to walk because I was stuck and had no strength left. When I described this to his owner, she immediately said, yes, that’s exactly how I feel! The two of them are very close and so he mirrored to her how she actually feels.
It’s important that you don’t feel bad if your animal shows you something! We usually live with it ourselves for a while and tend to suppress it. When we see it in our animal, we realise that things can’t go on like this, that we can no longer look away from what we are doing to ourselves and our bodies. Because let’s be honest, we often live against our nature, are hard on ourselves and put up with too much pressure and swallow too much.
If we then change something in our lives and take responsibility for ensuring that we are well, then our animals will also be well again.
Be grateful to your animal if it helps you in this way and makes you aware of something in your life that you are not looking at yourself! 

Love and light to you and your animals