Where do you take responsibility that you don’t have? And where do you hand it over instead of taking it for yourself?
The topic of responsibility came up in two of my sessions last week and I was given some very important insights that I would like to share with you.
When our animal is ill and dies, it is very difficult for all those who are involved in healing work or as a health practitioner. We then feel responsible and guilty because we can’t help or have the feeling that we haven’t done enough. I experienced this myself with my Niela and it’s also one of the reasons why I never really worked as a holistic animal practitioner. I have an infinite amount of knowledge and so much training in phytotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, TCM, herbs, etc..
But I always thought I couldn’t help her. And that’s exactly how one of my clients felt. She felt inadequate and guilty.

Her animals have emphatically told us both that we are not responsible for this! Every soul chooses the experiences it wants to have. We can support it and help it not to take some possible detours from life, but ultimately it is not in our power. And it also makes them small if we relate everything that happens to us. They are independent beings who want to have their own experiences and their souls make their own decisions. This applies not only to our animals, but also to our children. Here too, we should not feel responsible for everything. Even if the experiences they have had may not have been pleasant. So I was shown very clearly that this is also part of the plan and serves them.
We so often feel responsible for others, for the outcome of this and that. It is the responsibility of each individual person or soul what they do with the impulses. We can support and be a shining example, but it is never up to us what happens.
And on the other hand, we also very easily hand over responsibility for our lives to others. We see ourselves as victims – of circumstances, the people around us, our childhood, etc. And we feel powerless. It is time that we take back responsibility, that we empower ourselves, that we enable our best life!

I received the appropriate saying in my emails: “Life is for participating, not for watching.” (Katherine Switzer)
That’s exactly what I want! Participate, contribute, create.
Are you on the path too?

Love and light to you and your animals