You may have heard that animals can carry diseases from humans. Especially when an animal and its human suffer from a similar illness or when the animal falls ill while the human recovers, such thoughts quickly arise. Understandably combined with feelings of guilt, because if anything, we would prefer to do it the other way round and take something off our loved ones ourselves.
And that is why I would like to write a little about this topic today.
We are closely connected to our animals on a spiritual level. It was predestined that they would enter our lives or that we would enter theirs. And yet each of us has our own soul plan, our own challenges. Sometimes our animal helps us to recognise and overcome certain things. And sometimes we support our animal and give it strength and self-confidence. It is a partnership of equals in which we influence each other. And even if our animals are our teachers in many situations, they also have their tasks and life lessons.

So why do similar diseases occur?
There are indeed cases where an animal deliberately carries a disease for its human and thus relieves him or her of something. But it happens much more rarely than we think. I have only ever experienced one case where a dog made this decision. He then returned to his human a short time later in a new body.
But then it is also often the case that humans and their pets have similar energetic and physical weak points. We are so close because we have so much in common. And that’s why similar illnesses occur and it helps both of us to pay attention to certain things, such as a healthy diet and relaxation.
And of course it also happens that our animal wants to draw our attention to something that we have a blind spot about ourselves and don’t see. It is only with our pet that we realise what we need to take care of ourselves. 
Whatever health challenges you and your pet are facing, please do not feel responsible for an illness. It always happens in consultation with both souls. 
We never know what something in our lives is good for and what we learn in one situation may help us in another. 
Your animal knows that you are giving it the best possible support and it wants you to also take care of yourself and not wear yourself out. 

Love and light to you and your animals