Today I would like to share with you a very touching and personal experience.
On November 1st, 2019 we had to say goodbye to our Niela, my soul dog. A few days ago, Facebook showed me memories of our last time together and I shed a lot of tears and my heart was so heavy.
What was remarkable was that the deep pain and sadness immediately changed as soon as I purposefully connected with her. I could feel her love enveloping me, how she was still by my side. And how she laughed at me a little because we are still close even after her death.

So don’t be afraid to think about your deceased animal and thereby create a connection from your heart to his. Yes, it hurts, but it also heals! And our darlings are so happy when they can help us and when we open our hearts to their advice.

Everyone who came into contact with her was touched by her love and charisma. And so she still wants to give people peace and love.
She wanted us to work together to support others who will soon have to say goodbye to their companion or who already have a beloved animal in spirit. Because we know how difficult it can be and how relieving and healing it is when you are in contact with each other and can exchange wishes and feelings. This heals many wounds and makes the heart hurt a little less.

And that’s why in November I’m giving 20% off a session with a deceased pet or when your last time together has arrived. Enter the code NIELA for this when you book through my calendar.  The date itself can still be in December.
I look forward to these conversations and to the support of my Niela during them.

Love and light to you and your animals