A fortnight ago I had a conversation with a dog that gave me a whole new insight and a completely different view of illness and healing.
The dog has a growth on his leg, the biopsy of which was not good. He always tries to gnaw on this bulge and also bites it open.
Because it is something that has to go, something that frightens and worries his human. So he tries to get rid of it and fight it.
When we went deeper into this, it became clear that it is not really about fighting but about peace. And we can only achieve peace if we accept what is.
And that acceptance does not mean giving up or surrendering. On the contrary, it opens up completely new possibilities!
Feel inside yourself how it feels when you want to get rid of an illness, when you want to get rid of something in your body.
It feels tight and pressured.
And now accept that this is how it is at the moment. Instead of wanting it to go away, let it go. Feel how everything relaxes when you step out of this fighting mode. How the field suddenly widens and how other paths can open up.
The dog showed me so clearly that the fight against cancer rather fuels it, makes it more aggressive and makes it worse.
Pressure always creates counter-pressure. And it makes everything narrow and restrictive.

We usually don’t know it any other way. We have to fight something and if we don’t, nothing changes.
Acceptance feels like failure and then cancer wins and death comes.
But he showed me that it’s not like that at all.
When we accept something from the heart, we integrate it into our system. And out of that, our body can deal with it in a completely different way.
Then the cancer and also the wound can change. It can be a togetherness.
It may not dissolve, but the process slows down. So the dog may have a longer life and he can enjoy the time that is left with his human.
He told me that it is also about giving up the thought of healing.
Because if we focus too much on healing, then we are still in the mode of “I want it gone”.
But if we let go with all our heart and accept it lovingly, then the whole system relaxes.
And out of this peace something new can emerge, potentials and paths show up that our mind cannot perceive in resistance.
Because of course we can and should support the body! But from a completely different energy.
We now also feel much sooner what would really do good. We can reconnect with our intuition and get new impulses and ideas.
And besides the physical things like compresses, herbs, supplements, etc. we can also help energetically.

It was so exciting how the dog showed us exactly what to do.
Namely, send love to every cell. And he really meant every cell!
Because the cancer cells are also his cells, even if they are changed. But they belong to his body and are not something foreign.
The more we love even the degenerated cells, the more we integrate them into his system and achieve that they spread more slowly.
When we realise that at the core they are his cells, then we feel that in each of these cells there is also a part of his blueprint, a divine core. And in doing so, we strengthen this blueprint and use our love to ignite the spark that can lead to every cell regaining its original shape.

Love and light to you and your animals