My mom’s dog Angel passed away with our help on Sunday. When I contacted her, I could feel that her soul had already made its way and was in the process of dissolving. Since it can still be a long time before the body can no longer fight for survival, she was at peace with accepting help. Because her soul was ready.

But I would also like to share a request where people felt very guilty about putting their dog to sleep. Because he had just communicated in an animal communication that he would like to die naturally. I am so sorry that these people are so desperate now because they had to make this decision.

I would not make such an absolute statement in a conversation about the end of life. Of course we want and should take the animal’s wishes into account. But you have to look at the subject from many sides and also play through different scenarios. After all, it is also a question of whether their humans can afford a natural death, what support they have. Unfortunately, hospice care for animals is not yet so widespread in our country.

So I always discuss with the animal where the limits of its human might be and explain that help might be needed. And then we think together about what that might look like. I also explain what euthanasia is exactly, how it works and also tell the human what to look out for. The topic is very complex and also very emotional, which is why it is always important to me that everyone involved understands what is important to the other person and how they feel about it. Then we can also consider the real wishes of our animal and also be clear with the vet.

I have only ever had one cat who was very definite that she wanted to die naturally and for whom help was out of the question. She then also crossed over to the other side very peacefully and within a short period of time. All the other animals gave their consent to accept help under certain circumstances and some explicitly wanted it.

And every deceased animal I have spoken to was at peace with its death, did not blame its human, no matter how it then went. Every soul transforms and is led to the other side, whether with or without euthanasia. Nevertheless, it is easier for us who are left behind to know that we have taken our pet’s wishes into account and that the parting from each other was a peaceful and clear one.
Light and love for you and your animals