What I love about my work is that the animals also give me something to think about and take home with every session. đŸ„°

The wonderful Labradora Lola pointed out that we humans are always impatient because we allow ourselves to be determined so much by our plans and our schedule. We can no longer enjoy the moment or “take our time” because we have planned our time so much and are driven from one event to the next.

And then when another living being has plans for something different from what we imagined, then we feel this pressure inside us that makes us impatient and indignant.

Just let go, surrender to the moment, flow with what life offers and adapt is Lola’s advice.

And how right the sweetie is! Our lives feel faster and faster, we have less and less time. Let’s let our loved ones slow us down a little and show us how to enjoy the moment. Let go of our schedules and be open to what unfolds when we let go and are in the flow. 

Where can you consider Lola’s advice in your life?
Light and love for you and your animals