In my group last week there were some surprised reactions to my advice to share your excitement or what’s bothering you with the animal. “Oh, until now I hadn’t even realized that I could confide my worries and problems to my animals. … I always thought I don’t have to burden them with my things, always be strong for them.”

Our animals are part of our lives and they experience so much more than we realize! Similar to children.
And if we keep telling them everything is fine or trying to be happy even though we don’t feel like it, then they sense it very clearly. They know how we really are, they just can’t assess why something is bothering us, for example. And it helps them so much when we explain to them what’s going on in our lives. They love it when we integrate them and talk to them as equals! Not only telepathically, but also with words. If you’re stressed out in the evenings and don’t want to play, then tell your pet, “I’ve had such a busy day, I feel the stress, and I like to relax on the couch and do nothing for now. Maybe you want to come to me for a cuddle? That would do me good.”
And if you show yourself “weak” to your animal, you also invite your animal to show you its weaknesses and to help it. 😉

Also share with your animal what you are worried about. That way they can understand what exactly is going on inside you. Tell them everything about you and let yourself be surprised how much closer this brings you together! And of course also report about the beautiful, joyful things! Tell them all about yourself and be surprised how much closer it brings you together!

On the subject of our animals being aware of much more than we think, I have another experience for you from last week.
I saw a picture of a good horse client, Randje, and read the comment underneath, great that you are giving the mature lady a home. Then I thought about how old she is, how old horses get, what means maturity for horses, etc. And she immediately connected with me and my thoughts made her totally unsure. She had never thought about how old she was or if she was mature before. That was and is much less of an issue for animals than for us. But now she was very concerned and we talked to her about her age, other horses her age, etc. for a long time.

So you see, our animals often pick up on our thoughts and  can’t really place them. That’s why it’s always good if you openly share everything with your animal so that misunderstandings don’t arise in the first place.

You don’t have to be strong for your animal, you have to be authentic and see them as your friend who you can tell everything!
Light and love for you and your animals