I was on Texel with my mum for two weeks and today I would like to share some insights from that time with you.

After a week Ida got a hotspot, i.e. a weeping skin inflammation. In addition to the medical treatment, I naturally also asked myself why this had happened now. And I realized that I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin in this situation either. I didn’t show myself as I am and limited myself. I dissolved that energetically for myself and also expanded Ida into her true self. Wow, that felt so wide and good and Ida was so beaming! Not only her field, but she has also significantly relaxed physically. Afterwards I was quite confident that it would now heal and was very shocked when it practically exploded afterwards!

Oh my, I immediately had doubts about my perception and my actions. But then I got in touch with Ida again, spoke to her and looked at her energies. And it has become clear that although I have looked at and let go of many of the injuries and disappointments from my childhood, she had gone into resonance with them. Because she too has “wounds” from her past, which are now showing up, wanting to be looked at and allowed to dissolve. We then looked at them together, allowed the sadness and then let go and transformed. Again such a feeling of space, brigthness and lightness was felt! But now we have solved everything and with the help of the external remedies used, of course, it would heal well. At least that’s what I thought.

You can imagine that it wasn’t like that, because I was still allowed to learn something. The good news is that it’s not getting worse, but it’s only getting better very slowly.
Ida was very relaxed most of the time and showed little stress. I, on the other hand, noticed more and more tension and pressure to help her more.
She then told me that some things have to come out physically and solve. That healing is a process. And that I shouldn’t always judge what’s good and what’s bad and I should trust that healing will happen as it should. And when that really sank into me, I could feel my whole system relaxing. Since then it has healed significantly and I am relaxed that the scars and skin irritations will also heal in the time that it takes and I can be completely in confidence.

So you see that our animals often reflect and show us something and it makes sense to also look at our share. But they also have their own issues that can be resolved and we can take care of them. And we can let go of our ideas about how healing happens and trust our animals and their bodies.
Light and love for you and your animals