When we have a behavioural problem with our animal, trainers are usually the first point of contact. And that often makes sense. Provided they work “positively”, as they say. My criterion is always, would I want to be treated that way or would someone treat their child that way. If yes, then I gladly accept the assistance. If no, then I don’t behave that way towards my animal either.
I realised a very important aspect of this during a communication last week. We have to embody what we want to help the animal with!
For example, if your dog is insecure-aggressive in behavioural encounters and you are supposed to shield and distract him, then you must also radiate that you are protecting him. You need to be fully aware of why you are doing certain actions right now and confidently convey to your dog that you are now taking control and he can relax. It almost doesn’t matter what you do, but it is important for your dog to feel that you are there for him. You are fully present and you are aware that he needs you to keep other dogs at a distance. Because only when he can be fully sure of you, then your measures will also work. Only then can he relax and trust you.
How do you know what your animal needs from you?
Of course you can ask an animal communicator to find out how your animal feels in certain situations and what would help him.
You can also listen to your intuition and tune in to your own pet regardless of expert opinions. Then you will feel how it feels and what it needs from you.
So try to be more in your heart and embody what your dog needs from you. And pay less attention to the correct execution of certain actions.
Light and love for you and your animals