To feel truly connected to the earth and all life on it is so wonderful! How often have animals given me the message that we should “ground” ourselves and for a long time I thought I was doing it too. And yet it was only through a course that I became aware of what this grounding really means and how it actually feels to feel welcome and right here on earth.

So I would like to invite you to really connect consciously with nature on your next walk. Feel that we are not separate, but truly one with everything, let yourself engage with the energies of nature. Feel how they are also alive in you, let them flow through you. They are there to support and help us. Notice how the ground carries you, feel the sun on your skin and feel how it gives life. Don’t think about skin aging or cancer. ūüėČ Don’t try to think much at all, but go into exchange with the elements and experience what they give you. For thousands of years, nature has been able to give us healing if we open ourselves to what it is telling us and what we really need. Previous generations lived this connection intensely, but you too can reawaken it.

And in the same way you are on earth to give it your unique energies and to help it. Everything is a cycle, a give and take. And when you feel this connection within you and really anchor yourself in nature, then you too will feel so much more alive and supported. And you will perceive how Mother Earth also needs you and your unique energies.
Just as our animals always live this and also wish from us that we really go into connection. And that we are consciously in the moment and open ourselves for all the wisdom and healing that is possible there.

I will now tell you briefly about the course I did and about the group session, which I will also offer in English if requested:
Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) is a new energy program created by animals and Saint Francis of Assisi for us humans, animals and the universe. 
In doing so, I consciously connect with the animals, Mother Nature and the Earth and serve as a channel and facilitator for the support and help they give us. Their energies, their movements and their wisdom serve us on many levels as they raise our frequency and they help us understand where and how to overcome the obstacles in our path. And of course they bring us into harmony with Mother Earth and connect us with her on a profound level. 

Light and love for you and your animals