The animals have often wished that we would tell them more. They want to be part of our lives, understand what is happening and also why we have certain feelings, for example.
But last week my two girls drew my attention to the fact that HOW we talk to them is also important. And promptly a client dog brought it up again. 😊
We humans tend to give our dogs commands in a very definite voice. Interestingly, I often notice this in children as well. If you want something from your dog, then be particularly strict with him. In those moments we then lose the loving connection to our animal and give it an order that it has to obey.

Sometimes I fall into it too. Because it’s what dog schools have taught for many years. A clear command, do not tell much, do not ask repeatedly, but positive reinforcement conditioning. Maja and Ida therefore told me that they would find it much nicer if I asked them nicely. If I don’t say a strict stay, but please stay here. They still understand me and would much rather follow a request than a command. And sometimes I also repeat what I want from them. Because they are not the recipients of orders, but because they have their own will and perhaps also conflicting desires. If I then ask them nicely and kindly for something, maybe 2 or 3 times, I make it clear that this is what I really want from them now. And in doing so, I give them the opportunity to put aside their own ideas and comply with my request. Sometimes their own needs are more important to them and then we “discuss” it. Maybe I also say, ok, you don’t have to do that now. It always depends on how important something really is to me.
And of course there are also requests that I make more clearly and that I expect to be implemented promptly. As with recall from certain situations.

Take a look inside yourself. How do you talk to your dogs? Maybe also depending on the situation. And what “principles” of dog training do you still have in mind?  With me it’s clearly this, you don’t say come here please. Yet mine love it when I’m polite with them and say please and thank you. 😉

Light and love for you and your animals