In the last week, several animal talks have made it clear how much our animals want us to treat them as equals. What does that mean?

In everyday life it is often the case that we have to make decisions for our animals because we are responsible for them. Similar to children. And that’s usually okay with our darlings, although of course they really appreciate it if we ask them beforehand or give them an explanation. Due to the fact that our animals are dependent on us and our communication is usually limited, we often remain mentally in this “care mode”. We do not encounter and open ourselves to them as friends and equals. They want that so much!

And not just because we then perceive them as self-aware, individual and wise beings. But because we then show ourselves to them in a completely different way and interact more closely with them.
They want to know what worries us, what we experience, why we feel certain emotions, why we are stressed. They get a lot from us. Especially our feelings. But they don’t know the reason. And that’s often frustrating and sometimes problematic. Because then they think it’s their fault that we’re not in a good mood. Or they try to cheer us up, but it doesn’t work because we’re under a lot of strain at the moment. But they also wish to hear about our dreams and desires. Or that we tell them what’s on our minds, what we’re thinking about. And if we see them as a friend or partner with whom we can exchange ideas, then that comes naturally to us.

You can do this without being an animal communicator. You just say it. With the intention that you explain it to your animal. In most cases, a film will automatically run in your mind or you will feel certain emotions. All of this will reach your animal if you have the intention that it does so.

Think about where you have the role of provider/carer in your everyday life and where you see your animal as an equal friend?
Light and love for you and your animals