I would like to tell you about the wise words from my Maja during our holiday.
We were taking a walk through the forest and dunes and suddenly a very thick fog came up and enveloped everything. It also became very quiet, similar to when there is snow and everything is muffled. By the time we got to the sea, you could only see a few steps ahead. And while we were walking like that into this wall of fog, I was thinking about how meaningful that is. To walk confidently into a future we don’t know.
Then my Maja said to me that we humans are so rarely in that conscious moment when we just let come what will. We would always be thinking about what lies behind us or what lies ahead of us, we would worry and ponder. But this way our brains are constantly busy analysing, remembering, planning. We would no longer enjoy anything, she says. And yes, at that moment I could feel how right she was. Because all my senses were in the here and now and I felt the humidity in the air, the wind on my skin, perceived the smell of the sea and the gentle lapping of the waves. I felt like I was lifted out of everyday life and everything was so much more present. Space and time and the path were not important at all. Maja then wished me that I would experience this more often, that I would consciously disconnect more often and perceive with all my senses.
I wish that for you too. Try to remember when you have been in such a state and call up this presence in you again. Perceive your world with all your senses, just as our animals do.

Light and love for you and your animals