It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, and here I am again writing to you on the subject of assisted dying. But due to a recent farewell, a question has arisen that is often discussed controversially.

Namely, whether euthanasia is not actually killing and that no animal wishes, please help me and kill me so that I can leave this world. I know that there are some animal communicators who advocate this and who then also talk to the animals who desperately want to have the experience of a natural death. Because even if it is perhaps hard for us to believe, the animal chooses the right communicator with it and ensures contact.

There are also very controversial views on humane euthanasia and there are also people who see natural death as the only way to allow the soul a smooth transition. However, I have not had this experience and I do not perceive that euthanasia affects the process in any way. At least when the soul is ready to go. Often it goes “on a journey” to the other world beforehand. And usually the soul also detaches itself from the body before the injection. And they too are accompanied by angels and preceding animals to the other side.

In the conversations I have with animals at the end of their lives, I am always open to their wishes and also explain their options to them. Because yes, if they haven’t experienced it through a family member, they usually don’t know that they can make a choice and then they don’t explicitly ask for it. 
There are animals who then wish for a natural death and most of the time they also know and feel exactly how this process will happen. 
And in the same way, there are animals who make the choice to let their body “shut down” because, for example, their illness would make their death rather difficult.

And they do not wish this experience for themselves or their humans. They then often experience death as a release and you can feel their relief after the decision. We talk to each other about what they need and what they want.

In my conversations with the animals, I experience that at some point there is a point where the soul is ready to leave. This does not mean that it has to happen immediately, but that the process has been initiated and the soul often already starts on short journeys to the other side. How long this time is varies. But when the time comes when the animal wants help, its people sense this very clearly. They see it in their eyes and know it.

Everyone has confirmed this to me so far. You don’t need to be afraid. Listen to your heart and don’t let yourself be influenced by the outside.

The energies on earth have been changing massively for some time. We are all much more in touch with our higher selves and the worlds have become more permeable. This means that our experience here is also changing a lot. And we are allowed to be open to new experiences and to examine “old” knowledge with our hearts and let ourselves be guided by our intuition.
Light and love for you and your animals