I hope you had some relaxing Easter days with your loved ones. I took a little much-needed time out and did very little.
Last week I posted on my Facebook profile about a conversation I had with a horse that was expected to perform very well. And if she didn’t perform as expected, she was more or less passed on and another “sport” was tried out with her. In the course of time, she became more and more withdrawn, only functioned and was also more and more stressed and at some point didn’t know what she was supposed to do.
Now, fortunately, she is with people who see her needs and who help her to find herself again.
I am sure you, as my reader, would not treat your pet like that and you would see that she is suffering. You would be considerate of her needs.
Her previous owners didn’t mean her any harm and I’m sure they took very good care of her physically. But they didn’t see her and they weren’t mindful.
And I think a big part of the reason for that is that we are not so mindful of ourselves either. We always demand performance from ourselves and our bodies. Our working world often pays less attention to our needs. We are also afraid when we make mistakes. We are also increasingly under stress.
Feel into your own situation. What is it like for you? Do you give your body the attention it needs? Do you demand more and more from yourself? Do you perhaps also feel pressure from outside? Are you sometimes hard on yourself?
My mother modelled this on me and I have adopted many of these behaviours. We easily pass on to others what we experience ourselves. We demand from others what we demand from ourselves. And sometimes we need to be aware of this and explicitly counteract it.
I wish that we all have the opportunity to find ourselves and live the life that suits us. The more we make it possible for our animals, the more we allow it for ourselves. Our animals are happy to help us along the way.
So give yourself a little break this week and take some time for yourself. Be good to yourself!

Love and Light for you and your animals