Animals can also hold grudges for years without the reason still being important.

It happens from time to time that I talk to animals of a family that have become more and more at odds over time The first time I experienced this was in a communication at the beginning of my professional work. Two tomcats were so quarrelling that one of them would rather get his food and cuddles in the neighbourhood than come home. There was no real cause for the quarrel. It was mainly about jealousy, because both cats are real Prince Charming, who easily wrap everyone around their paws and look at life with a light-hearted ease. Their respective siblings would also like to be more like them and find it difficult to accept this charm of the other.

Out of this jealousy and animosity grew more and more quarrels and increased rejection of the other. Over time, it became more and more automatic. Asked about the reason, they could not name it and the whole dispute suddenly no longer felt important when they looked into it. They remembered how harmonious they used to be as siblings and that they were actually quite important to each other.
After the conversation, the cats found a more peaceful coexistence again and the stray tomcat has been back home more often. But never for long, because he was not allowed to disappoint all the other hearts he had conquered 😉 .

It amazed me very much that animals can also hold a grudge without there being a real reason for it. Strife that perpetuates itself over years and is actually so pointless. Where do we carry around such negative emotions, perhaps even avoiding a family member because of something that happened many years ago? How much easier we too would feel if we forgave. Even if we still have no more contact, we have resolved something within us that weighs us down and costs us strength. 😘

Love and Light for you and your animals