Do you feel physical changes in yourself or your animals right now?

Perhaps you have heard that the Earth and all life on it is in an ascension into a higher dimensional frequency. 
During this energetic process a lot of light is flowing into our fields and the vibrations are increasing almost daily. Our bodies and cells have to adapt to the new energies and this can result in a variety of symptoms. This is not only true for us humans, but also for our animals. And the more we are aware of these symptoms, the better we can help our animals!

The physical body does a lot of adjusting work, so your animals may be more tired and exhausted. They need more time to rest. They may also drink more because the water intake helps to rebuild the cells, flush out the old and cleanse. They may also change their eating habits. Sometimes they are hardly hungry, on other days they are very hungry. They may not want to touch something they used to love.

For us as well as for our animals, we should listen to our bodies. Pay attention to the signals your animals are giving you and maybe adjust their diet. Our bodies need good quality, fresh food and good water at the moment. What used to be good may not be what our bodies need at the moment.
You can use kinesiological muscle testing or a pendulum to find out which food supports your animal best now.

The energetic and physical rebuilding processes need a lot of energy, i.e. your animal may be less active and sleep more. It can also be that it wants to be alone more and retreats to rest. But it can also be that your pet is looking for a lot of closeness.

Of course, it is important that you listen to your intuition and common sense, which will tell you if there is a health problem behind it, which you should have checked out by a vet!

How can you support your animal energetically?

You can connect with your animal from heart to heart and send it specific energy. This helps both of you and creates a particularly intimate relationship. Breathe golden energy into your heart and feel how it becomes bigger and brighter. Then send energy lines from your heart through your body into the earth, like roots. Anchor yourself firmly in Mother Earth and feel her power flowing through these pathways into your heart. Now send energy lines from your heart into the heart of our cosmos and feel how power also flows to you from there. Feel these two energies in your heart, earth and sky, yin and yang, the feminine and the masculine in harmony. And then imagine a cord of light from your heart to the heart of your animal, feel how your hearts are connected. Now lovingly send these energies from your heart into your animal’s heart. Feel the energy flowing from your hearts into your bodies and fields, cleansing, transforming and harmonising anything that is out of alignment. See your cells glowing with light and imagine that your bodies are in complete health. Enjoy this feeling for a while and then gently release your heart connection.

Love and Light for you and your animals